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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

One of the undeniable facts of life is that lies always have an expiration date while the truth lasts forever. Adolf Hitler advised that if one was to lie, always tell a big lie because no one will believe a little one. Well, Lord Ant’ny Fauci has a death grip on that advice. And, like a good Socialist/Marxist, he only doubles down when confronted with opposition. Fauci’s lies have already been documented on America Turned Upside Down, so let’s review some of the absurdities the Rock Creek Park Troll and the trolls/trollettes at the CDC have put us through since early 2020.

In the early days of the COVID Pandemic, from the hallowed halls of the National Institutes of Health, we heard Lord Fauci deliver a sure method of slowing COVID transmission: the Fauci Elbow Bump would replace the handshake. Yes, the handshake – human-to-human connection through a solid grasp of hands and momentary, direct meeting of the eyes – was much too dangerous to society. The deaths it would cause would be in the thousands! It had to go. Replacing it was the Fauci Elbow Bump (FR: Elbois Tapét de Fauci; GER: Elbogen Schlappen; Colloq: Fauci Foolishness), a slight bump of the elbows, a gesture done by accident on the subway, and accompanied, not with a direct eye connection, but a frivolous sideways glance. The nation was overcome with joy, tears flowed as we recognized the raw genius of the man!

The face mask was another indication of Lord Fauci’s brilliance … sort of. Originally, he said they did not work, but, after his Socialist/Marxist buddies showed His Grace the skeletons in his closet, Fauci became convinced of mask effectiveness. Therefore, everyone must wear a mask, or two, or three. However, if you were part of the Socialist/Marxist elite then no masks are required in public if you hold your breath while the mask is down. An example of this was Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti’s, photo op with Magic Johnson at the Rams-49’ers playoff game last season.[1] Supposedly, he did not exhale around the well-known AIDS victim; very considerate. Rather reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s claim that he did not inhale. Eric should have done LA a favor and held his breath longer.

Masks and breath holding are also key to the long and eagerly awaited Fauci Kiss. As in regular kissing this involves two people (In Fauci’s case, a stepstool and a blind woman). Two people, and only two, pull down their masks just below the nose, and, while simultaneously holding their breath, rub noses ever so slightly. He was undoubtedly aware that this form of kissing is reminiscent of the Eskimo’s. (OOPS! That was racist. I meant Inuits. Like that well known frozen treat Inuit Pie). The genius of Lord Fauci in the reduction of viral transmission is once again evident here. One caveat for beginners is that to engage in a more passionate Fauci kiss will require breath-holding exercises beforehand (Contact Mayor Garcetti for assistance).

We have also been reliably informed that elbow-to-elbow transmission of a new variant, the OMYGOD variant, has been verified. But, dear readers, do not panic. Lord Fauci is planning to release an alternative to the Elbow Bump: The Fauci Ass Bump. Details to follow.

On 27 December 2021, Lord Fauci told the Washington Examiner that it will take “several months”, probably late summer, to vaccinate all those who want it. After this the recipients will produce a shield of immunity over the nation. Lord Fauci, how can a vaccine that at most only reduces symptoms perform such a Herculean task? Hey, Ant’ny! Can you say herd immunity? Perhaps some continuing medical education should be in your future.

Then on 12 January 2022, Fauci told the Washington Compost that “virtually everybody is going to wind up getting exposed and infected” with COVID. Hey, Ant’ny, you failed to explain that being exposed and infected does not equal illness. You are such a dissimulating, lying jackass!

On 18 July 2022, Fauci told Politico America will “live with Covid-19 for many years to come.”[2] Politico reported this as a “startling admission from the longtime infectious disease expert who said the country could flatten the curve and achieve herd immunity first through social distancing and then vaccination.[3] Please Lord Fauci, explain how herd immunity is achieved through social distancing? How do you do it with a worthless vaccine? And a spoiler alert for those at Politico: we have lived with influenza, streptococcal pneumonia, tetanus, rhinoviruses, and a host of other pathogens for centuries. Politicians and the Legacy Fake News media have made Covid into a leviathan disease that it does not deserve. By the way, where was Fauci when the SARS coronavirus was ripping through Toronto in 2003? Where were the lockdowns, the flight restrictions, the masks, social distancing, and frantic search for a vaccine?

Fauci also said we are not going to eradicate Covid as we did smallpox.[4] Probably not. Smallpox had no animal reservoir. If it cannot infect humans, it dies out. Not so with Covid, influenza, etc. Only arrogant, narcissistic politicians could believe they could significantly control or eradicate a coronavirus.

But wait! If the light of truth cannot shine on this interminable pandemic, perhaps pandemic fatigue has set in. Earlier this year, Bill Maher has found it is difficult to attract a crowd in blue states, so he began performing in red states what passes for comedy in his world. (Your wallet getting a little thin, Bill?) He has commented that people should not obediently follow Covid mandates. On FOX News (5 February), he related some interesting facts about Covid infection: 78% of those dying with COVID were over 70, most of those were unvaccinated, and most were overweight or obese. (So why are we vaccinating our children?) Don’t remember where Maher got those statistics, but a study from Johns Hopkins University – the same JHU that pushed the lies of Fauci and the CDC for two years – stated unequivocally that masks and the vaccine were useless and shutting down a country in the face of a pandemic as a policy was totally unwarranted and more harmful than the pandemic.

Since February, Socialist/Marxist governors – New Jersey, Connecticut, Oregon, Delaware, and Illinois – are lifting mask mandates. This in defiance of Lyin’ Joe Biden’s hope that governors will continue to dictate masks and CDC’s Rochelle Walensky’s admonition not to unmask the kids. In Virginia, Socialist/Marxists in the state legislature supported their new Republican Governor in throwing away masks. And Loudon County, Virginia parents and school children have demanded an end to the mask nonsense.

Although Lord Fauci commented (FOX News, 9 Feb) that the “Full blown” pandemic is almost over and mask mandates could end soon, the Omicron variant has given new life to the pandemic as prior Covid infection does not protect against it, according to Fauci and the CDC.[5] Of course if you are gullible enough to believe statistics from the CDC, contact me about some ocean front property in Nebraska.

On 4 August Lord Fauci commented that “There are enough people who don’t fall into [high-risk] categories, that if they don’t get vaccinated, if they don’t get boosted, they’re going to get into trouble.”[6] So, according to the Rock Creek Troll, if you are not at high risk and not vaccinated or boosted (how many boosters now?) with an obviously worthless vaccine then you will be in trouble. In trouble with Covid, or in trouble with an increasingly totalitarian government? Lord Fauci, America is fed up with the lies propagated by you, a feckless medical profession, and an intrusive government. Rules for thee; not for me are wearing thin and hopefully will lead to a rout at the ballot box in November.

Hopefully too, is the long-awaited retirement of our Medical Dictator, Lord Anthony Fauci. Then he, as all trolls should, will crawl back under his bridge over Rock Creek.


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