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Since Ted Turner blessed us with 24/7 news networks, we have become accustomed to clusters of news entertainers, who are more concerned with ratings than objective investigative journalism, delivering their august opinions.  This, in turn, has created liberal, or more accurately Marxist or totalitarian, news networks (CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC) and, so called, “conservative” networks (FOX, OAN, Newsmax).


         The egregious lies that spew forth from the Marxist networks are so predictable that one need not tune in.  To their credit, they all are in perfect lock step, completely determined and unapologetic in advocating an elite run pro-Muslim antisemitic dictatorship.  Were “conservative” media networks so inclined to defend our Representative Constitutional Republic, Americans would rest easier in their beds.  Regrettably, the “conservative” Fox News commentators, so charmed by the sound of their own opinions echoing off the walls, talk all around any subject without ever asking the obvious question(s).  Questions that would put our government and the Marxist media on the defensive.


            Let’s look at two examples:


U.S. Constitution Ignored.


The Shadowbama-Biden dictatorship is proceeding with student college debt cancellation.  To do so they have thumbed their noses at the Supreme Court and ignored the fact that Congress has the power of the purse to buy the votes.  The talking heads at Fox dance all around this issue without ever hammering the point that a.) Shadowbama is acting unconstitutionally through his puppet, b.) buying votes is illegal, and c.) debt is never forgiven, only passed on to others, like the American middle class.


The Shadowbama-Biden dictatorship has allowed the DOJ and state judiciary bodies to ignore Trump’s constitutional rights, most recently the 8th Amendment, to keep him off the ballot.  Do Bret Baer, Dana Perino, or others ever demand to know if the administration has specifically directed that these folks abrogate an American political candidate’s constitutional rights?  Have they ever accused the administration of deliberately acting to keep a candidate – Trump, RFK, Jr., or Phillips – off the ballot?


The Shadowbama-Biden dictatorship continually calls for more money for Ukraine.  Who at Fox has ever asked how much have we given and how was it spent?  Why money for Ukraine and none for our southern border?


Concerning our southern border, why does the Shadowbama dictatorship lie when asked why it will not employ constitutionally granted powers to close the border?  Remember, the border situation is only a crisis for us, not Shadowbama and his Marxist cronies.  For them is was part of the plan to fundamentally transform America by bringing in new “no hablo” voters and terrorists.


And why has the Shadowbama-Biden dictatorship forsaken Israel?  Mr. Obama, as a pro-Muslim, Marxist antisemite, are you denying aid to Israel so as not to hurt your Muslim brothers?  NOTE:  As I write this, Iran has thrown down the gauntlet, attacking Israel.  For the moment, our fighter jets are assisting the Israeli Air Force in knocking them down.  When will Obama tell Biden to stop that noble work?


To call the forgoing an example of a Post-Constitutional Republic is the height of understatement! Americans are now in a blooming totalitarian state, call it Hitlerite, Stalinist, or fascist (think Mussolini).  The Constitution no longer applies if you disagree with the current, so called, Democrat Party; the party of Barack Hussein Obama (not to be confused with the O’Bamas of County Cork, Ireland).  If, dear readers, I need to “give you a convincer,” if you know what I mean, let’s look at the war on natural gas and fossil fuels.


Electric Vehicle and Appliances Mandates.

I believe most Americans do not want an EV.  A family of five or six, a dog, two incomes, two cars, and sticker shock every time they go to the gas pump or grocery – cannot afford two cars the size of a Cooper mini that cost the 50-60K each with a lithium battery, few charging stations, a long time to recharge, and unreliability in the cold. 


Did Fox News pundits, Hegseth, Kane, Baer, Perino, Hemmer, or the brilliant radiologist and military commentator, Dr. Nicole Saphire, ever state repeatedly that the government cannot mandate what Americans purchase?  Do they ever demand to know where the billions for building charging stations went?  Do they investigate how much a home charging station costs to install and use.  Is it dangerous to have one; is there insurance coverage?  What is the life span of an automobile lithium battery and how much does a replacement cost?


Investigative journalists worth their salt would be searching relentlessly for answers to these questions.  They might even recognize the broader implications of an all-electric America for un-elite Americans without millions or access to political power:


How would our electrical grid support thousands of charging stations along with the government mandated all electric home appliances which Americans do not want either?


With an overloaded electrical grid, will electricity have to be rationed?


If electricity is rationed, won’t Americans be less mobile, less independent, or conversely more dependent on government transportation?


No answers to any of the questions in this article will be demanded by Fox News pundits.  Indeed, the questions will likely never be asked.  Their journalistic cowardice makes them, in a sense, complicit with the Marxist Media.  The reason for this is simple.  They are part of the wealthy media elite.  If they wish to maintain that status, they will only dance around these profound and portentous issues or lose their jobs.


                                                                        14 April 2024

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