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In a film clip this morning on Fox Snewz, Primary White House Liar, John Kirby, stated that it was not the Biden administration that had essentially empowered Iran, but the previous administration.  And, he was right, Obama’s previous administration funded Iran’s nuclear ambitions and terrorist activities.  Currently, President Shadowbama, basically an Iranian proxy, continues to do so by failing to support Israel in any significant manner (this past weekend’s Air Force support notwithstanding), and allowing Muslim terrorists unfettered entry into America. 


            Since the October 7 Israeli Massacre, retired Generals Jack Keene and Mark Kellogg have advocated military retaliation to curb Iranian aggression on our bases in Jordan and Persian Gulf piracy.  However, Shadowbama has told his puppet, the Criminal, Joe Biden, Secretary of State, Blinky Blinken, and, when he can find him, the SecDef to only utter the word “Don’t” in an unmenacing fashion.


            It is a shame we do not have generals and admirals cut from the cloth of Keene and Kellogg.  If we did, perhaps they would remember Operation El Dorado Canyon in 1986, and 1987-88 Operations Earnest Will, Nimble Archer, Praying Mantis, and Prime Chance (this last one involved my colleague, Asclepius, for some months).  Indeed, perhaps they would destroy all Iranian ports and reduce their navy to a few fishing dhows.  That is the only way to get Iran’s attention.  Of course, none of that will happen.


            Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America has reduced our world image from a strong, just, and free giant to an untrained puppy squatting to pee on the carpet.  That was part of his plan to destroy America from the inside in preparation for a pro-Muslim, Marxist state.  This plan continues with Obama in his third presidential term, as Shadowbama, and working to secure a fourth in November.  The Criminal and the Cackler will be pushed aside, and Michelle Ma Belle will play a large role in saving the “Democrat” Party.


            But I digress.


            The Iranian attack on Israel over the weekend was a planned failure.  As expected, Israeli air defenses in conjunction with U.S., British, and French Air Forces knocked down almost all the drones and missiles launched by Iran.  Everyone played their parts correctly, all to impress the Iranian public and other Arab allies after the Iranian Embassy and three military commanders got whacked in Damascus April 8th.


            Iran and Shadowbama are playing a waiting game.  Iranian mullahs are waiting for their scientists to give them a nuclear weapon to destroy Israel and terrorize the Arab world. 


Shadowbama is waiting for the November elections.  By continuing to prop up and pull his puppet’s strings, Shadowbama delays naming the Socialist-Marxist candidate, hopefully until the August convention.  A convention which might return Obama to the White House if his pro-Palestinian allies & Arab terrorists have their way in the streets of Chicago.  Shadowbama is also waiting to see if fraudulent charges brought by a corrupt judicial system will destroy Trump’s candidacy.  If that plan does not work … well, my prediction is, there are many unpredictable, rogue, Arab terrorists roaming freely in our country who might attempt to give Shadowbama an assist.



                                                            15 April 2024

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