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On 12 January, Cassandra wrote about Shadowbama and the Socialist-Marxist Party’s effort to use demented Joe Biden as a nomination decoy as long as possible.  On 9 February, she wrote about the Bye-Bye Biden Campaign being launched by these same seditious demagogues, and dutifully presented by the Marxist media.  It appears that the so-called “conservative” media – FoxNews, One America News, Newsmax – have failed to pick up on the cues preferring to peddle the narrative that Biden will be the Socialist-Marxist (aka Democrat) nominee in August.  Indeed, for supposedly “investigative” journalists they are stunningly uninquisitive.


Both of Cassandra’s articles were spot on.  Biden’s dementia progressed faster than Shadowbama had assumed, generating a faster rollout of the fundamental transformation into an elite-run totalitarian state, which resulted in the predictable pushback.  Then, Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation of top-secret documents found unsecured in Biden’s garage concluded that Biden is a kindly, well-meaning, old man with a poor memory and, therefore, cannot be criminally charged.  If not mentally competent enough to be charged with an obvious crime, can he still be president?  Did the “conservative” media pursue this?  Nope.


Quite unbelievably, on 9 February, Shadowbama and the White House team let Biden loose at the microphone to speak extemporaneously to the media without an Easter bunny to run interference!  Peter Doocy asked Biden “How bad is your memory and can you continue as president?” To which our alleged president responded, “My memory is so bad I let you speak.”[1]Huh?


Another reporter asked, “Do you believe your memory has gotten worse?”  Biden barked back, “My memory is fine.  Take a look at what I’ve done since I’ve become president. None of you thought I could pass any of the things I got passed. How’d that happen? You know, I guess I just forgot what was going on.”[2]Huh? To complete this disaster, Biden confused the Mexican president with that of Egypt when answering a question about Gaza.


The first question the “conservative” media should have asked was, why did the White House team let this happen?  The second question, was it intentional?  Part of the Bye-Bye Biden Campaign?  None of these questions were raised.


            Over the past month we have watched our alleged president, the Criminal, Joe Biden shuffle around, mentally confused, and slurring his speech.  However, on the evening of 7 March, a very different Biden delivered his State of the Union speech.  His demeanor was reminiscent of his September 2022 hellish, red-backdropped Philadelphia and January 2024 Valley Forge speeches, awake, less confused, less mumbling.  CNN (Communist News Network), declared that he projected strength and “this version of Biden could beat Trump.”[3]


            I did not perceive strength, but rather an unusually alert, angry old man yelling out the lies he has repeated over and over again.  Indeed, he reminded me of Hitler’s speechifying in the 1930s:  angry, shouting, gesticulating, and lying to the nation.  Although he did go off the teleprompter and became lost, he recovered.  Interestingly, his White House team gave him a prop, a little coin with Laken Riley’s name on it, anticipating a call from the audience for him to recognize his responsibility for her death.  When Rep. Taylor-Greene (R-GA) did just that, Biden dutifully held up the coin and misspoke her name.  Biden also called Laken’s murderer an “illegal” which lit up some Socialist-Marxists like a pinball machine.  They chastised Biden and said he should have called her murderer a “newcomer.”  This is the insanity which represents the Socialist-Marxist Party and an example of the Bye-Bye Biden Campaign.


The Marxist media, however, are raptured over his performance.  The “conservative” media cannot stop talking about the “illegal” remark, but, as far as I know, have not asked the obvious questions concerning the preparation and delivery of his speech:


What drugs had been pumped into our alleged president to allow him to stand and shout like a crazy man for 67 minutes?  Was his prolonged stay at Camp David so that physicians could titrate the correct dosage of stimulants needed to sustain him for an hour?  Were these same drugs used during the Philadelphia and Valley Forge speeches?  And now that Biden is so strong, alert, and mentally composed, when will he debate Trump?


The “conservative” media truly believes that Biden will be the nominee.  They should be evaluating the supposed support Shadowbama and the SMP are giving Biden from a negative, rather than positive point of view.  Moreover, they accept the Marxist media’s conclusion that Michelle Obama will not be a candidate.  Why?  The internet is alive with rumors to the contrary, some suggesting the Obamas are plotting to have ol’ Lyin’ Joe step down in May.  A recent poll asking Dems who they would like to see as a replacement for Biden reported that the majority of respondents (20%) said Michelle Ma Belle Obama!


The Bye-Bye Biden Campaign is real and in full swing.  The ‘conservative” media should presume Biden will not be the nominee and ask who will the Dems pick?  Why do they not hound the Socialist-Marxist Party and their compliant media hacks until they get a response?


The “conservative” media does not serve the American public very well.  Most of those at Fox, OAN, and Newsmax are not stupid or incompetent.  So, I must presume they are lazy … or told by their bosses not to ask the obvious questions.  Americans deserve better.



                                                                        10 March 2024

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[3]  Stephen Collinson, “Biden projects a vision of strength that’s been missing …,”

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