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On 24 August 1814, British troops burned Washington, D.C. The Executive Mansion, the Capitol, and most of the Library of Congress – donated from his own library by Thomas Jefferson – were in flames. This is the only instance of America, a sovereign nation, being invaded by a foreign power. The only instance that is until now.

The Socialist/Marxist[1]Biden Administration has retrieved America from prosperity. It is, and has been, working diligently every day to bring a great nation to its knees through inflation, chaos, and population control. The Biden Administration’s answer to each crisis – deliberately created by that Administration – is to reduce our national, state, and local security by defunding the police and allowing crime to run rampant, permitting the free flow of illegal aliens, terrorists, and drugs into the country, precluding oil and gas production here while begging Iran, the Saudis, and Russia for the same, and restricting our Constitutional rights.

Our southern border is open to one and all, therefore, it is not a border. We are no longer a sovereign nation. Taxpayer dollars are being used to transport illegal aliens, some with criminal records and some terrorists, not just to Socialist/Marxist strongholds such as New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Chicago, but to our heartland, to the “Fly Over America” that Socialists/Marxists hate so much. This diaspora, of course, occurs in the dark of night.

The open border toll in human trafficking – the extortion, family separations, forced prostitution, rape, and other abuses have not been assessed. This is because our “Border Czarina” (an odd moniker to use in a free country), the beloved Kamala Harris, Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the entire administration see this human influx as a success, a step forward in the destruction of America, and creation of a totalitarian state. The cost in human lives for this Marxist takeover is irrelevant to them. Nor do they care about the constant flood of drugs, such as fentanyl and other opioids – some made in China and brought in by Mexican drug cartels – coming over the border. Over 96,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses from March 2020-March 2021. Drug overdoses have killed over 1 million Americans since 1999.[2] According to the news media, hundreds of pounds of fentanyl are being seized routinely at the border. Wonder how much has been missed?

Ironically, Uncle Joe appears to be extremely concerned about the Ukrainian border and Ukrainian sovereignty. But Biden is so concerned he sent 3,000 US troops to Poland. It does not take a military mind to recognize it was not much of deterrent. Perhaps, Uncle Joe should have consulted with Cornpop, after all he was a bad dude.

Speaking of non-deterrents, the Socialist/Marxist District Attorneys, judges, and prosecutors – many bought and paid for by George Soros – in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago have shown the value of soft on crime policies on their city streets. It appears Houston is attempting to follow suit. In Los Angeles, one can smash and grab up to $1,000 worth goods without penalty. By the way, that is not $1,000 per day, but $1,000 per store!

One hundred seventy-eight (178) police officers have been shot in 2022. Thirty-three (33) of them fatally. This is an increase of 19% over 2021.[3] Although many Socialists/Marxists still support defunding the police, the idea is not as popular as it once was. However, defunding is done more surreptitiously now by shifting money away from necessities such as training. If this is reimagining public safety, as the beloved Kamala Harris encourages us to do,[4] I’ll pass thanks.

These policies were not oversights, not accidents. They were crafted with a special outcome in mind: the destruction of American sovereignty. Let’s try to imagine the end point to this insanity. If criminals are given carte blanche on our streets, the police are attritted through murder and retirement, the border is open wide to people and drugs, and the Second Amendment is abolished the result will be social chaos on a national level. Will a Socialist/Marxist government tolerate such a condition? Absolutely not, if history is any guide. First, a state of emergency will be declared giving absolute power to Biden or whatever Socialist/Marxist administration follows. Second, our Constitutional rights will be suspended for the duration of the emergency. Third, US military forces will be deployed – good-bye Posse Comitatis Act – to gain control of the chaos. Fourth, the ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Boycott/Divestment/Sanction, and other movements and individuals, such as illegal aliens, that were useful to the Socialist/Marxist takeover will be publicly demonized as the cause of the chaos. Fifth, once the chaos has been controlled, the Socialist/Marxist media will hail the Administration’s efforts as saving the country. Sixth, special elections will be held to ensure the Socialists/Marxists residing in the White House and halls of Congress are elected for life.

Before you laugh at this imagining, read how Lenin and then Stalin came to and maintained power. Peruse Hitler’s rise to power (1925-1933), it is very instructive. The history of other coups, such as Mao’s or Fidel Castro’s, can also shed light on my imagining.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be fought for and defended by each generation.” Ronald Reagan, Annual Convention of Kiwanis International, 6 July 1987.


17 July 2022

[1] The term Socialist/Marxist is used as it more accurately describes Karl Marx’s concept of socialism and communism (Marxism), that is, they are synonymous. This definition is not commonly understood. See: [2] [3] [4]

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