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I have been practicing and teaching the healing and rejuvenating arts for millennia at Epidaurus and on the island of Kos. Over those centuries, I have watched medicine and surgery develop through trial and error. I have observed the positive impact of critical 18th century Enlightenment thought and 19th century scientific progress that provided the foundation for a 20th century refinement and dependability of the profession.

Regrettably, in the 21st century, the Woke agenda has infiltrated the medical profession, bringing with it a nightmare scenario reminiscent of Dr. Mengele. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated publicly that it supports the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone therapy, and non-reversible gender affirming surgeries on adolescents. Gender affirming surgeries are defined as: “Top” surgery (to create a male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts); “bottom” surgery (surgery on genitals or reproductive organs); facial feminization and other procedures.”[1]A better name for the Academy would be the Society for the Experimentation and Mutilation of Children. The American Medical Association stands with the Academy on this issue. The AMA told state governors in April 2021 to “stop interfering with the health care of transgender children.” Opposition would prohibit medically necessary (?) gender transition-related care for minor patients, calling such efforts “a dangerous intrusion into the practice of medicine.”[2] Children, minors, adolescents are maturing physically and psychologically. Perhaps we should let them become adults so that they can make a mature decision about hormone therapy and non-reversible procedures.

Neither the American Medical Association nor the American Osteopathic Association minded the intrusion of dictatorial decrees into the practice of medicine from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or Lord Fauci since the arrival of COVID, the once and future pandemic. Nor did they mind the Legacy Media muzzling those physicians who disagreed with their lies and criminal manipulation of scientific data. (See The 8 COVID Lies of Dr. Fauci post)

Lord Fauci, his merry band of CDC reprobates, and every State Public Health organization in the country manipulated COVID data to suit the goals of totalitarian ideologues in national, state, and local governments. It was the perfect moment to put a knife in President Trump’s back. An experiment was created in population control based on a completely irrational fear of a disease whose morbidity and mortality characteristics could be discerned from analysis of elementary medical statistics. It was a very successful experiment. Those in search of totalitarian power proved they could abrogate our 1st Amendment rights, close schools and select small businesses, force Americans to submit to injections of an unproven vaccine, or else lose their jobs, and that Americans would submit without protest.


26 February 2023

[1] [2] Both quotes, AMA to states: Stop interfering in health care of transgender children | American Medical Association ( My italics.

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