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Last week the Supreme Court decided that Affirmative Action had been transformed into a tool for racists of color and was unconstitutional (14th Amendment, Section 1). It ruled that only Congress has the Constitutional authority (Article 1, Section 8) to put student loan debt on the backs of taxpayers. And it ruled that the 1st Amendment precludes anyone from being forced to create designs, expressions, etc. with which they disagree.

Our alleged President’s comments on the Affirmative Action decision were Bidensesque, merely asinine and racist. "I believe our colleges are stronger,” Biden said, “when they are racially diverse [except for whites and Asians] … I also believe that while talent, creativity and hard work are everywhere across this country, not equal opportunity, it is not everywhere across this country [??] … We cannot let decision be the last word. I want to emphasize we cannot let this decision be the last word. While the court can render a decision, it cannot change what America stands for. [??]”[1] His new plan for relieving student debt is likely to trip over Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution once again.[2] Perhaps Sleepy Joe should read the part of the Constitution (Article 2, Section 1) that says a President, alleged or not, must take an oath to the “best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” It seems his ability or knowledge of that document is lacking.

These SCOTUS decisions generated horrific squeals from the Socialist/Marxist Party (aka Democrats) that sounded like the governing pigs from Animal Farm were being taken to an abattoir. As expected, SMP squeals had a purely fascist and hypocritical ring to them. The Left is being attacked; the court is illegitimate!

One old porker, Robert Reich, attempting to find relevance again, advised term limits, rotating justices, and expanding the court. “One thing is for certain,” he said, “we can’t allow the extremists and Big Money interests who have hijacked the Court to go unchecked.”[3] Hey Bob, you and the Clintons never had a problem with Big Money or extremists supporting your goofy ideas.

And Ro Khanna, SMP grunter from California made these brilliant comments. “President Biden should run on term limits in 2024. If he does, it will perhaps wake the court up so that they stop showing contempt for American public sentiment.”[4] Ro, you’re the one who needs to wake up: American public sentiment is not reflected in your state. Moreover, your remark suggests that contempt for the Constitution would be a more apropos response. Khanna then judged the court to be “dominated by stubborn, old, extremist jurists who have contempt and little understanding for modern American life.”[5] By stubborn and old, of course, he means Justice Thomas which is a racist comment. However, those justices do understand the Constitution!

The shrillest, most outrageous squeals were from New York’s 14th District piglet, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ms. O-C never fails to impress with her love of fascist ideology, ability to project fascist totalitarianism onto conservative Americans, and her total insanity. She opined that the SCOTUS decisions were an “overreach of authority” and “abuse of power.” Continuing her fascist projection, AOC stated "These are the types of rulings that signal a dangerous creep toward authoritarianism and centralization of power in the courts … In fact, we have members of the court themselves with Justice Elena Kagan saying that the court is beginning to assume the power of a legislature." Moreover, AOC is for court-packing, limiting the court’s powers, investigations of the court with justices being subpoenaed to testify, and impeaching them.[6] Talk about overreach, centralization, and abuse of power!

According to the Constitution, Congress is the Legislative Branch of American government. If memory serves, the SMP agreed with the 1973 Roe vs. Wade legislation by the SCOTUS, even though it was obvious the court had impinged on states’ rights, and the SMP hailed Affirmative Action legislation by a liberal court even though that legislation was unconstitutional. From the recent SCOTUS decisions, it is obvious that Congressional SMP members also believe the SCOTUS should have legislated against the 1st and 14th Amendments and for our alleged President to assume Congressional purse string authority. So, Justice Kagan’s fear that the SCOTUS is assuming a legislative role is just more hypocritical excrement from a Marxist who would pack the court and, indeed, create a totalitarian centralized state with the SCOTUS legislating much more.

Americans, wake up! The so-called Democratic Party has discarded the loyal opposition false face worn for so long to reveal the odious countenance of fascism. As with all totalitarians – Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot, Maduro, Putin, and Xi – they accuse legitimate governments and institutions of the heinous crimes and draconian governing that they themselves will impose if allowed power.


5 July 2023

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