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So, our alleged President, the Criminal, Joe Biden, has refused to send Congressionally approved aid to Israel.  According to Maria Bartoromo, that refusal is the “last straw” for many Democrat and Independent voters.  RINOs may still find him more attractive than Trump.


Not so fast.


No one, not Republicans, Independents, and least of all Democrats, believes Biden will be nominated in August.  Indeed, Shadowbama gave the order not to send aid to Israel knowing that it would go over like a turd in the punchbowl with the majority of Americans and even those in the Socialist/Marxist Party (aka Democrats).  It was part of the plan to push Lyin’ Joe further under the bus.


Barack Obama, raised as a Muslim Marxist, was enjoying his third Shadow term when Biden’s dementia rapidly progressed.  If Biden could not achieve a second term, Obama would be out of power and his fundamental transformation of America into a Marxist state, with him as dictator, would collapse.  Solution?  Continue the transformation by maintaining an open border, optimizing efforts to destroy fossil fuels, doubling down on forcing everyone to buy an EV, energizing the antisemitic strongholds, formerly known as university campuses, to riot, and have Soros pay rioters to clog city streets.  Then ignore the Constitution and Supreme Court by putting student debt on the taxpayer’s backs and deny aid to Israel.  And let a mentally vapid Joe Biden take the blame by looking more and more like a dictator.


The result will be Biden’s ouster (and Kackling Kamala with him).  Some have claimed this may occur as early as Memorial Day, but I believe it will be closer to the convention in August.  Closer because the person selected will not have to present their political goals in a campaign for very long nor will they have to debate Trump.


  Who can Barack pick to save the Socialist/Marxist Party?  It will have to be someone who will execute Obama’s directives for the fundamental transformation without question.  Those directives, of course, will be softened for Independent and RINO consumption but remain unaltered.  Finding a person among pro-Muslim, pro-Marxist Democrat politicians to execute those directives will not be difficult.  The problem arises in the phrase “without question.”  Which of those probably in the running – Newsome, Whitmer, Pritzger, Murphy, or perhaps even Ro Khanna – want to be the next puppet president?  Which of them will sell their arrogant, narcissistic souls to live in the White House?  Even Cassandra cannot make that prediction.


Moreover, who will be the running mate?  Perhaps, one of those mentioned above.  My vote still goes to Michelle Ma Belle Obama.  Yes, I know, the news media, one and all, even Dan Bongino, say nay-nay to that.  I remain skeptical that Michelle Ma Belle, a black woman with a functioning brain – like it or not – in her head, cannot be convinced that she could be the savior of the Party as the VP choice.  Perhaps even as presidential candidate, which, potentially, could put Shadowbama, literally, back in the White House for a fourth term.



                                                                                    12 May 2024

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