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Except for the news media, the question, who is running the country into the ground, has been top-of-mind – as Little Orphan Karine would say – for thinking Americans. Biden’s 50-year pathological lying (when the truth would fit better) combined with an obvious cognitive decline should have excluded him from a primary run in 2019. Regrettably, Socialist/Marxists, Establishment Republicans and Independents, and others being paid to sell out America conceived and implemented a fraudulent election to bring a Woke totalitarian regime into power in Washington.

But could this frail, demented, lying criminal – whose gaffes, public confusion, and staggering gait are obvious to all – really be running the country? If not, then who? Could it be our first female, woman of color Vice President? Perhaps. There is no love lost between her and Joe. And Cackling Kamala’s ditzy blond routine could be an act. Could it be any of the clowns in Biden’s Cabinet? Bozo, Krusty, Clarabell, Koko, Bippo, Doodles? No, don’t think so.

It has been suspected by many that it could be our first mulatto president. Indeed, Obama told Stephen Colbert (4 Dec 2020) that he would like a third term, if

I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.”[1]

What better front man than lying, confused, gaffe prone Joe Biden? And Little Orphan Karine’s gaffe during a 24 February press conference, when she called our alleged President Obama, may be more than a Freudian slip.

It also appears that First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden may be part of an unelected cabal too.[2] And why not? If Edith (née Bolling, formerly Galt) Wilson, wife of our first Socialist President Woodrow Wilson, could run the government for 18 months following her husband’s stroke in October 1919, then so can Dr. Jill. Truly, she is confidence personified. She flaunts a questionably impressive Ph.D. dissertation in education, pushed her cognitively impaired husband – some would call it elder abuse – through a primary, now protects her largely confused hubby like a guardian angel, and has the female equivalent of cojones to plant a momentary lip lock on the VP’s husband in front of Joe, Kamala, Senators, Congress persons/genders/pronouns, and the world!

Interestingly, America was less populated, more rural, devoid of government give away programs, and news traveled by paper and radio when First Lady Edith Wilson was the shadow president from October 1919 to March 1921. It was much easier and required fewer accomplices to keep our first female president a secret from the press and Americans. Today, electronic news and social media are ubiquitous, merged, and intrusive. One cannot operate a personal computer or travel across town in privacy. Indeed, there have been suggestions that flat screen televisions (aka computers) can be used to surveil us at home.

So how do those persons running America into the ground remain anonymous? Quite simply, they have a bodyguard of liars providing overt 24/7, 360° security, surveillance, dissimulation, and diversion. George Soros finances increased urban crime through ANTIFA, BLM, and DA’s intent on destroying some major cities. The misnamed Department of Justice has its secret police force (aka the FBI) and the Department of the Treasury has the weaponized (literally) IRS to surveil and terrorize the citizenry. Big Tech also conducts surveillance and the Legacy News media either ignores stories they do not want to present or projects a false narrative of the same. Both have mastered the art of censorship. The Department of Education and the teacher’s unions preach Marxism to our children in the form of CRT, gender confusion, and victimization. And let’s not forget the American medical profession, allopathic and osteopathic, that eagerly advanced COVID and vaccine lies and now supports genital mutilation of children.[3]

Please note that none of those mentioned above are elected officials. They are the permanently ensconced “deep state” bureaucrats. Their crimes also include the Russia Collusion Hoax, the COVID Vaccine Hoax, COVID Virus Origin Disinformation, the Donald Trump is Mentally Incapacitated Hoax, and advocating the removal of a duly elected president by a military coup.[4] Also note, none of these individuals will ever be convicted of treason. Indeed, they will continue to destroy America and, as recent events suggest, Joe Biden as well.

The Chicom spy balloon, which would have remained out of the public purview except for an astute Montana man on the ground, was observed by intelligence services, permitted to accomplish its spy mission, allowed to sail over the U.S., then shot down of the South Carolina coast. Biden’s comments on the affair came late and were contradictory. According to him the event was “not a major breach,” although it was “a violation of international law.”[5] So aerial spying is a violation of international law, but not a major breach of sovereignty or national security.

Who allowed our alleged president to say something that nonsensical? Moreover, who suggested to Biden the following week that shooting down harmless balloons would reinvigorate confidence in him and our intelligence services? “Deep state” bureaucrats.

These same unelected potentates apparently advised, and continue to advise, Biden not to visit East Palestine, Ohio in the wake of the Norfolk Southern Train Disaster and have prevented Transportation Secretary, “Pothole” Pete Buttigieg, from doing his job as well. EPA representatives and the Norfolk Southern CEO were also late to the party and federal relief funds were initially disapproved. These events reveal the contempt “Deep state” Marxists have for flyover America. According to Joyless Behar on The View, these Trump voters have “nobody to blame but themselves.”[6] Meaning they received the punishment they deserved for being conservatives.

Blaming President Trump for this disaster – I remember when every Democrat created disaster was Nixon’s fault – was predictable. But allowing President Trump’s visit to upstage Buttigieg and sending Biden to Ukraine instead of Ohio puts the writing on the wall that even the politically uninterested can understand. “Pothole Pete” can buy a one-way ticket to South Bend and the alleged president is more concerned about Ukrainians than Americans.

The Biden family scandals have become a liability that threatens “Deep state” bureaucrat power. They want and need a stronger Woke Marxist in the White House to maintain that power and continue the destruction of America. Who that person will be is unclear. One thing is certain, whatever faction is running the country is maneuvering a demented, confused, and unsuspecting Joe Biden further and further away from a second term.


27 February 2023

[1] Obama Says He Wants a Third Term Through a 'Front Man' - We'll Do It Live ( [2] Aaron Johnson, “‘Protective Jill Biden controlling Husband Joe’s Every Move After Oval Office Ultimatum,” RadarOnline, 24 February 2023. [3] See Asclepius, “Medical Wokeism, Lord Fauci, and COVID Redux” 26 February 2023. [4] Victor Davis Hanson, The Dying Citizen (New York: Basic Books, 2020), Chapter 4, ‘The Unelected,’ especially pp. 188-203. [5] [6]

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