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AN OPEN LETTER TO ELON MUSK: America Turned Upside Down is for sale!

Dear Mr. Musk,

As the anonymous philanthropist that supports, I follow business transactions very carefully. Your offer to buy Wikipedia was more than generous. Particularly for a website that encourages Progressive morons to publish unreferenced

According to appropriately named Adam Downer at KnowYourMeme, Wikipedia is "widely used and largely beloved." From experience, I can tell you that Wikipedia is used by undergraduate and sadly graduate students too uneducated and lazy to use real references for their written work.

At AmericaTurnedUpsideDown, PROMETHEUS, ASCLEPIUS, CASSANDRA, and a very competent staff work diligently to present timely, accurate, and entertaining commentary on current events. And over the past year our website has had almost 700 views!

So, you see, Mr. Musk we would be very happy for you to buy us for $1 billion or 25% of that in cash. And we will call it whatever you want.


Anonymous Philanthropist

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