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“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls,

It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world …”

The Kinks gave us this bit of clairvoyant wisdom 50 years ago in their hit Lola. Today this could be the Democrat Party – that is the party of diversity – theme song. Not sure whether Lola was just a drag queen, a transgender, or a non-binary gender pronoun sensitive it, but perhaps he/she/it played volleyball. If so she/it would chuckle at the response of Hiwassee Dam High School in Cherokee County, North Carolina to forfeit all games against Highlands School. Why? Merely because a transgender male (or is it female. I can’t keep up with the Woke nonsense) player spiked a ball with the power generated by a Y-chromosome directly into the face of her/its opponent, which knocked the Hiwassee lass to the floor with a serious concussion. Well, I guess boys will be girls, eh Wokesters?

Democrat Wokesters (is that redundant?) live in a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world where gender fluidity is real, men can have babies, a Supreme Court Justice cannot define a woman, infanticide is OK, the presence of police on the Univ. of Pittsburgh campus is more dangerous than the presence of rapists, words hurt, the Republicans will tank the economy if elected on 8 November, and Beto O’Rourke does not have his head stuck in his fourth point of contact.[1]

Wokesters claim to love diversity, which is certainly true if the diversity is absurd, insane, dangerous, or just plain stupid. Their tolerance for diversity, however, has its limits: dissenting opinions are strictly forbidden. That is why feminists are silent as the grave on boys who will be girls in women’s sports. That is why Larry Elder is the face of white supremacy (that assertion, by the way, falls under the stupid category of diversity). And that is why the Wokesters are having pre-election conniptions over the social demographics they thought they owned turning conservative.

Parents across the country are pushing back against the idea that they have no input on school curricula, e.g. teaching sex in all its forms to our children. We saw this in Loudoun County, Virginia. Most recently in Dearborn, Michigan, the Muslim community vigorously opposed sexualizing their babies. What a surprise.

Hispanic communities, largely Catholic, family-centered, anti-abortion, and likely not embracing gender fluidity, are turning conservative, Republican Red. Indeed, Mayra Flores, Monica De La Cruz, and Cassy Garcia are well on their way to victory in November.

Black communities, whether Baptist, Methodist, or whatever are not fond of abortion, gender fluidity, and they are out of patience with defunding the police. In Chicago, New York City, Atlanta, and Philadelphia – all run by Socialist/Marxist mayors and district attorneys – crime is devastating their black communities. The voices of black conservatives, such as Burgess Owens, Tim Scott, Jack Brewer, Candace Owens, Byron Donalds, Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Leo Terrell, and others, continues to grow louder.

Wokeism is a vicious, self-righteous, intolerant cult. Wokesters have not awakened to the fact that they are a dying breed. If the neo-Socialist/Marxist movement consolidates power in America, they will abandon the once useful Woke agenda as nonsensical or ruthlessly destroy it and its supporters. Victorious conservatives will merely ignore Wokesters as pesky little gadflies.

Remember though, we must be VICTORIOUS on 8 November




22 October 2022

[1] Ask a paratrooper concerning the fourth point of contact.

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