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Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto in 1848. Lenin had some new ideas about communism half a century later. Mao added an Asian interpretation in the 1930s. Herbert Marcuse and Saul Alinsky added some new ingredients to this vile ideological stew in post-war America. Castro, Maduro, many African dictators – ahem, excuse me, Presidents – and the obsequious “elites,” who grovel after them, have practiced and profited from it over the years.

However, if those deceased Marxists were living, they would be simultaneously confounded and amused, as Putin, Maduro, and Xi undoubtedly are, at the brand of Marxism that has taken root in America. Wokeism would leave them aghast. Indeed, leave them wondering when a dictator worthy of the name would bring Woke insanity to an end and get on with a more traditional Orwellian nightmare. Let’s look at some recent events.

Tyre Nichols and Defunding the Police.

Tyre Nichols, a black man, was allegedly murdered by five black police officers in Memphis, Tennessee? No, he was purposely beaten to death by five black police officers which various cameras on scene demonstrate. The first words out of the media and the usual Socialist/Marxist experts were a need for police reform. This was quickly followed by the insane judgment that “systemic institutional racism” and “white supremacy” were at the heart of this horrendous event. And, of course, the obligatory protests in the streets with Marxist fists raised high followed. Woke Marxists will twist any situation into one of racism and white supremacy, just ask Kyle Rittenhouse. It is as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

But let’s back up a minute. The Woke Socialist/Marxist regimes in Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles all supported the law enforcement reform called Defund the Police in early 2020. The result of defunding, and general denigration of police officers as 100% vicious and corrupt, was to allow an open season on killing cops, the retirement of senior law enforcement leadership on the streets, a decline in employment standards, and less training.

Woke Marxists understand completely that their insane reform measures are responsible for the deaths of many police officers. Those measures are also responsible for the death of Tyre Nichols, who, like George Floyd, is a welcome martyr for the Woke Marxist movement.

Princeton University’s Ban on Cheating/Plagiarism is Unfair to Minority Students

Princeton Student Emilly Santos wrote: “Princeton’s Honor Code, tasked with holding students accountable and honest in academic settings, mirrors the criminal justice system in its rules and effects. It is harmful to the entirety of the Princeton community: the fear it instills in students fosters an environment of academic hostility. But it is often most damaging for first-generation low-income (FLI) students — students who also often belong to racial minorities.” [1]

Ms. Santos is an Ivy League Marxist. Therefore, she is allowed to make these asinine, hyperbolic, racist statements. The entire Princeton community is fearful and, in some unknown way, harmed by an Honor Code that rejects cheating, plagiarism, etc? Of course, Santos does not explain how this is possible. She continues by stating that “A lack of community support in these [cheating/plagiarism] situations also puts FLI students at a disadvantage compared to their wealthier peers, whose communities often include people who are college-educated and have been exposed to academic integrity systems similar to Princeton’s Honor Code, and may understand the process better.”[2]

A Mr. Aaron Sibarium, another Woke Marxist, supports Santos’ belief that Princeton’s “rule against plagiarism ‘unfairly targets’ minorities, just like the criminal justice system. It is therefore racist and should be “dismantled” in the name of creating a “more equitable society.”[3]

This is classic Woke Marxist thinking and always revelatory in their true goals. The elite Wokesters, so erudite, so intelligent and aesthetically profound, take time from their planet saving duties to succor immigrant paupers in a world they do not understand. The reality is that these Woke Marxists cannot stand FLI students because they are foreign, impoverished, and, according to Ms. Santos, too stupid to understand the phrase “do not lie, cheat, plagiarize, or steal.” However, the FLI students are excellent props in achieving the Woke Marxist goal: destroying a free society and replacing it with a totalitarian state where elitists rule.

Schiff and Swalwell Deleted from Intelligence Committee.

Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell have been relieved, thankfully, of their duties, desires, and actions to destroy America in the House of Representatives. Predictably, the Woke Marxist News Media began caterwauling that such actions are politically motivated and unfair. Huh? Politically motivated, yes. Why would the Republicans keep enemies of the state on any House committees? Unfair … please, cut me a break.

Schiff was the Liar-in-Chief on the Intelligence Committee. He is a follower of Hitler’s Rule: tell and retell a big lie because no one will believe a small one, and the Marcuse Maxim that whatever the Left does is sacrosanct; whatever the Right does is wrong. He still clings to the Russian Collusion hoax. Adam, we are still waiting for the evidence that you said was coming so long ago! If the Nobel Prize Committee, or a Little Orphan Karine called it the Noble Prize Committee, gave out a medal for lying, I believe, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Tony Fauci would have some stiff competition. (My vote goes to Biden. Demented or not, that SOB’s pathological prevarications are the stuff of legends!)

Eric Swalwell was Schiff’s main lickspittle on the Intel Committee. Swalwell is a small-time liar trying desperately to achieve big time status. He pushed the Russian Collusion hoax and denied Hunter Biden’s laptop had anything on it but the phone numbers of reliable prostitutes and his favorite candyman. Like Schiff, Swalwell rode these insane hobby horses well beyond the time they should have dismounted.

Swalwell now says the laptop is “real,” but earlier attempts to “go deeper and deeper” into the “gigabytes” of Hunter’s laptop were precluded by the House, Senate, and White House “bringing relief to families because of what happened during COVID.”[4]So, there is some truth to the saying that males cannot multitask. However, Eric was able to bring relief to American families during the COVID Hoax while Fang Fang relieved his Wang Wang. What did she get out of you – other than the obvious – concerning classified information? Nothing, according to Swalwell, but then he never farted on TV either.

Woke Pediatrics Redux

The Woke agenda has infiltrated the medical profession, bringing with it a nightmare scenario reminiscent of Dr. Mengele. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated publicly that it supports the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone therapy, and non-reversible gender affirming surgeries on adolescents. Gender affirming surgeries are defined as: “Top” surgery (to create a male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts); “bottom” surgery (surgery on genitals or reproductive organs); facial feminization and other procedures.”[5]

The American Medical Association stands with the Academy on this issue. The AMA told state governors in April 2021 to “stop interfering with the health care of transgender children.” Opposition would prohibit medically necessary gender transition-related care for minor patients, calling such efforts “a dangerous intrusion into the practice of medicine.”[6] Children, minors, adolescents are maturing physically and psychologically. Perhaps we should let them become adults so that they can make a mature decision about hormone therapy and non-reversible procedures.

Immigrants Refuse to Leave Plush Hotel.

This story defines Woke Marxist insanity. Eric Adams, who is vying to be NYC’s worst leader since Peter Stuyvesant,[7] is a dedicated Woke Marxist. He enjoyed being a Sanctuary City mayor until he had to be one for real. Illegal aliens, mostly males, sent to the Big Apple by Texas Governor Abbott have arrived to rapturous Wokesters greeting them as if they were long lost relatives. Adams put these nascent New Yorkers in a plush hotel and deliriously righteous Wokesters sorted out how to feed them.

Then came more Woke Marxist insanity: The men had to be moved out of their posh surroundings to less luxurious accommodations so that illegal alien families could move into the same hotel. Well! The illegal alien men were understandably indignant. How dare they be removed from lodgings, food, queen size beds, and private bathrooms, all at taxpayer expense, to move into a large dormitory with communal showers and toilets, cots to sleep on, and having to walk farther to the subway. Oh, the humanity!! Next, they will expect illegals to have jobs, support their families, and pay taxes.



1 February 2023

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Both quotes, AMA to states: Stop interfering in health care of transgender children | American Medical Association ( My italics. [7] Yes, I know it was New Amsterdam then; let me enjoy the literary license.

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