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Emboldened by the 2022 elections, the Socialist/Marxist Biden Regime is slowly, but quite openly tightening its choke hold on the 1st Amendment. A signal to our new allies, China, Venezuela, Iran, and other Socialist/Marxist states around the world, that we are in lockstep – or goose step if you like – with their oppressive actions.

Although the White House remains mum, Twitter’s new owner has sent the Legacy Media, Hollywood elites, and Wokesters into what is known in a Woke military college in the Shenandoah Valley as a “massive sh—ty.” The don’t know whether to buy a Tesla or go blind! Holding up free speech in front of these totalitarians is like holding up a crucifix in front of vampires! Their response to the Twitter takeover by Musk – a Progressive darling – reveals the intolerance totalitarians have for any form of dissent from anyone, even one of their own.

Dissention, however, is on the rise in Iran and China. Iranian women, with some male support, have had enough of the unmitigated slavery imposed by a misogynist, totalitarian Theocracy. Yet, there is not one peep of support for them from U. S. feminists. They are too busy, I suppose, sorting out pronouns, studying gender fluidity, and encouraging more Y-chromosome participation in women’s sports. As for our alleged President, he said, “I want you to know that we stand with the citizens, the brave women of Iran, for real, for real, who right now are demonstrating to secure their very basic, fundamental rights.”[1] Lyin’ Joe wants basic, fundamental rights for Iranian women, but not for Americans.

Urbanites in a few Chinese cities have had their fill of COVID lockdowns. Frankly, I don’t understand why. I mean, accepting a nonsensical zero COVID policy, being locked in your home literally, beaten by the police if you attempt to go to the grocery to keep from starving, and, if in an apartment building that catches fire, you get to die. Now that is the Marxist utopia I have been looking for! Biden did not respond to these protests, presumably because he could not get out of Xi’s back pocket. However, John Kirby, sometime White House press secretary when Little Orphan Katrina is at elocution lessons, stated that “The president is not going to speak for protesters around the world.”[2] What a cheeser! Kirby, you redefine Rear Admiral (lower half).

Regrettably, when the totalitarian Iranian and Chinese regimes have had enough of people dissenting, those governments will viciously crush these protesters without mercy. I predict neither Biden, his press secretaries, or the Media will anguish over their loss of basic, fundamental rights.

Speaking of COVID lockdowns, what does our Oracle of Science, our Vaccination Guru, our Prognosticator of Protective Measures, our own Rockcreek Troll, Lord Ant’ny Fauci have to say about China’s policy? Jake Tapper told him that “China’s official news agency today [29 Nov 2022] published an op-ed asserting that the country’s strict COVID measures are scientific and effective. Are they?” Fauci stated this in response, “Well, when you want to shut down in order to interrupt immediately a process that’s going on like the spread of infection, there should be a purpose to it,” he said. “Like you want to make sure you get enough ventilators, or enough PPE, or you want to get your population vaccinated.” Fauci clarified these comments by saying

“The comment that I made about their severe actions that they’ve taken is that you have to have an endgame. What’s the purpose? If the purpose is let’s get all the people vaccinated, particularly the elderly, then okay for a temporary period of time to do that.”[3]

Therefore, since the Chinese zero COVID policy is the purpose then draconian lockdowns for a temporary time period – to be determined by the Communist government – are okay. So Fauci, who admitted that he knew, and obviously accepted, that the U. S. lockdowns would negatively impact our economy and children, will advocate imposing the same lockdowns again for an indefinite temporary period if he creates a purpose.

Well kids, hold on to your hats, cause Fauci already has a purpose: vaccination of everyone with a demonstrably worthless vaccine. If that fails, he can fall back on the myriad of COVID variants, sub-variants, and sub-sub-variants that have appeared with stunning frequency. Indeed, my colleague Asclepius opined that never in the history of world viruses have we seen one that alters its genetic compliment so rapidly. Indeed, the influenza virus which is monitored so carefully worldwide for virulent changes is sluggard compared to COVID. Why it is almost like they are being modified on purpose. If you think that is a conspiracy theory, read this Forbes headline and an excerpt from the article:

Gain-of-Function Experiments at Boston University Create

a Deadly New COVID-19 Virus. Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?

In a new study, a group of virologists at Boston University did the following. They took the Spike protein from the Omicron BA.1 strain of SARS-CoV-2 (that’s the strain that spread throughout the world last winter, often slipping past the protection offered by vaccines) and combined it with an early 2020 strain of the Covid-19 virus. This experiment gave them a brand-new, never-before-seen strain of Covid-19. Was it more deadly? You bet!

The BU scientists infected laboratory mice with the original Omicron virus, which caused “mild, non-fatal infection.” But when they infected mice with their new, recombinant virus, which they called Omi-S, 80% of the mice died. Well, that’s just great. Making matters worse, the researchers found that the new recombinant virus also replicated much faster in mice: “Omi-S-infected mice produced 30-fold more infectious virus particles compared with Omicron-infected mice.” Yes, you read that right: Omi-S might grow 30 times faster than the garden-variety Omicron strain.[4]

Now that is real dedication to keeping the pandemic alive and well in America! And this may come as a shock, but the current worthless vaccine won’t protect against these new strains. So, we need to receive more boosters, wear masks, and lockdown our society no matter what the economic cost or damage to our children. This is the ancient Oriental logic of confusion and absurdity known as Fau-Chi.

And, by the way, to protest in any way, shape, or form is disseminating misinformation, quite likely racist, transphobic, climate and election denying. It WILL NOT be tolerated.

One final comment. Asclepius has also pointed out another interesting medical fact. He noticed a news blurb that said measles outbreaks were a growing threat. We have and have had a perfectly good vaccine against measles for half a century. Apparently, parents won’t have their kids immunized with it. But they will have them vaccinated with a worthless vaccine they don’t need and slap a mask across their faces!


29 November 2022

[1] Biden 'stunned' by Iranian protests: 'It's awakened something that I don't think will be quieted in a long, long time' | CNN Politics. [2] White House Weighs How Forcefully to Support Protesters in China - The New York Times ( [3] Both quotes, [4]

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