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Very recently a family member lost her husband unexpectedly and quite tragically. They live in the South. His parents, who live in New York City, rushed to buy airline tickets so they could be present with his wife and siblings when life support was removed. However, the airline would not allow them to buy tickets because they had no personal identification cards. They could not fly without IDs.

These folks were long time NYC residents. Indeed, they were educated at New York City Universities, contributed to the prosperity of NYC through their employment, paid outrageous New York State taxes, lived within the city, and paid those taxes as well. However, they did not own an automobile nor have driver’s licenses.

Now anyone even with the miniscule IQ of Kamala Harris or dementia of our alleged President would be astounded! Is it true that a driver’s license, something we freely distribute to illegal aliens daily, is the sine qua non of personal identification? Birth certificates, tax returns, Social Security cards, credit cards, and utility bills are no longer proof of who you are? I have never had the IRS, credit card or utility companies reject my checks or bank transfers because they were not sure it was me, nor have they asked me for my DL number to confirm.

Who creates these absurd rules with no commonsense override? Look to CEO mismanagement, euphemistically called leadership, for the answer to this question and the above travesty. CEOs, such as those at Blackrock, Amazon Prime, Fox News, Anheuser-Busch, Maybelline, Hershey, Coca Cola, Nike, American Airlines, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and others support the Woke, population controlling, totalitarian ideology of elites in America wholeheartedly.

We could say, “God help America!” Better yet, let’s remember that God helps those who help themselves. The Boston Tea Pary and other boycotts can really work.


10 May 2023

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