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The 1989 dark comedy, Weekend at Bernie’s, begins with two young financial employees at an insurance company who discover fraudulent death payment transactions. They report this to their CEO, Bernie Lomax, who, unbeknownst to them, originated the fraud. Bernie thanks them and invites them to his beach house for the weekend where he plans to kill them. Bernie hires mob hitman, Vito, to do the deed, but Bernie gets wacked instead for sleeping with Vito’s girlfriend, Tina. When the two young men find Bernie dead, they fear they may be implicated in his death … and they want to enjoy Bernie’s beach house for the weekend. And so, they hold up Bernie between them, take him out and about, and everything appears normal.

Of course, this is absurd. Two people holding up a dead man, going out on the town, and no one recognizes the guy is dead. That could not happen, nothing even close to that could ever happen! Not so fast.

The Socialist-Marxist Party (aka Democrats) are attempting to prop up Joe Biden, our alleged president, in much the same way. Indeed, it is not difficult to imagine Barack Obama on one side and Chuckie Schumer on the other, dragging demented Joe along the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, each one taking turns moving his head and arms as they pass by friends and neighbors. Naturally, Obama speaks for Joe, as he has done since Inauguration Day 2021. Guess you got your wish, eh Obama? A third term where you could really destroy the America you despise while hiding like a cowardly Marxist behind an inept puppet, mentally if not physically dead.

During a speech given in Maryland, 14 September, Biden told Maryland Governor, Wes Moore, “Gov, my problem is your biceps are too small. You’re not in very good shape, but I’ll work with you and see what we can do.”[1]Later in the speech, Biden began “violently shouting, screaming at the top of his lungs as a vein appeared on his forehead. Biden seemed to lose his cool. The screaming seemed to come out of nowhere, and drew an audible gasp from the audience.”[2]

Later, in the same speech, he bragged on his low unemployment rates “particularly for,” he stated, “African-Americans and Hispanic workers and veterans -- you know, the workers without high school diplomas.”[3]This comment would get anyone outside the Socialist-Marxist Party dubbed as racist. We must remember, however, that Socialists, Marxists, Fascists, and Progressives are racist at heart … not to mention hypocritical, gaslighting, projectionists.

Also on 14 September, Biden told a group of rabbis that he had been “raised in the synagogues” of Delaware.[4] But, Joe, you said a few months ago you were raised by the Puerto Rican community in Delaware! I know, just like the infant Sitting Bull, who was nursed by all the mother’s in his village to ensure a sense of tribal family in the young Sioux leader-to-be, you were passed around to Puerto Ricans, Jews, etc. Were you also raised as a poor black child?

On 5 September, the Obiden Administration had the opportunity to show blatant disrespect to our veterans and the military at large. In a ceremony to present Captain Larry Taylor, 81, the Congressional Medal of Honor, Biden placed the medal around Taylor’s neck then exited the room. The good Catholic boy from Scanton, PA didn’t even wait for the Benediction! Not only Taylor, but the entire room looked confused. Since our useless Commander-in-Chief declined to comment on Taylor’s selfless valor, I will include it here:

On 18 June 1968, near the hamlet of Ap Go Cong, 1 LT. Larry Taylor, D Troop (Air), 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division, was leading a helicopter light-fire team deployed in support of a reconnaissance patrol that had been surrounded. He and his wingman strafed the enemy with mini-guns and aerial rockets [amid] intense ground fire [and] the two Cobra gunships continued to make low-level attack runs for the next 45 minutes … During the fighting, Taylor was told that the plan to rescue the soldiers with a UH-1 Huey helicopter had been canceled because it stood almost no chance of success. Running low on fuel, with the patrol team nearly out of ammunition, Taylor decided to extract the team using his two-man Cobra helicopter, a feat that had never been accomplished or even attempted. Taylor decided to land his Cobra under heavy enemy fire and with complete disregard for his personal safety and had the trapped patrol team grab onto his helicopter's rocket-pods and skids. Taylor then carried them to safety and without injury.[5]

Neither Biden, anyone in the Socialist-Marxist Party, nor those who call themselves Democrats are worthy enough to shine Taylor’s boots.

Biden has told us he was tops in his law school class, earned three degrees in undergraduate school, used to drive big rigs, was arrested supporting Nelson Mandella, saw a bridge collapse in Pennsylvania, waited at Dover AFB for his son Beau coming home in a casket from Iraq, and stood on New York streets on 12 September 2001. Most recently, he claimed to have taught political theory at the University of Pennsylvania.[6] There are so many Biden lies over the past 50 years, one tends to lose count.

Although Obama, the Socialist-Marxist Party, and the Legacy Media believe that another fraudulent election with a Biden-Harris ticket will allow Obama a fourth term as phantom president, Joe Biden’s crimes, lies and demented fantasies make one wonder if they are not hoping for a Socialist-Marxist Vito to emerge. Perhaps Hillary is not busy.


17 September 2023

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Biden presidency was a plan hatched by those we are aware of and many we don’t. Their plan to destroy this nation is working unfortunately. Too many so called citizens are more than willing to forgive long term joy of a strong nation, and trade it for short term fun. Their idea of fun and freedom is lawless behavior with no consequence. And they have it in all but few places.

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