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Arabs, Marxists, and National Socialists (Nazis for Gen X, Y, & Z) are, by definition, anti-Semitic. Antisemitism and anti-Americanism have grown like cancers in Congress. Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Alyssa Pressley, Corey Bush, Jamaal Bowman, Greg Cesar, and Summer Lee are blatant antisemitic, anti-American, racists working for the destruction of Israel and the United States. Indeed, our current shadow president, Barak Hussein Obama, is a Muslim Marxist of the first order, who has worked diligently to create a Marxist America.

Most of our universities and colleges, and many high schools, have become Marxist Indoctrination Centers where antisemitism and anti-Americanism are part of the core curriculum, and the 1st Amendment no longer exists. After Hamas raped, butchered, and burned 1,400 Israelis on 7 October, some of our “prestigious” university campuses erupted with pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, anti-Semitic, and anti-American rallies.

How did universities, particularly Harvard and UPenn grow into bastions of anti-Semitic and anti-American thought? What financial support, and from whom, did they receive to indoctrinate children into the philosophy of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin? The answer is from some prominent members of the American Jewish community!

Seventy percent of American Jews, mostly Unorthodox, are Democrats. They voted for, and continue to support, Barack Obama and his puppet, the criminal Joe Biden. Among that 70% are Harvard donors, Bill Ackman and Leslie Wexner, and UPenn donors Cliff Asness, Marc Rowan, and David Magerman. These billionaire alumni provided the millions of dollars that enabled their universities to create Hitleresque or Stalinesque enclaves of antisemitism and anti-Americanism. But since 7 October, these five men have become so outraged over their alma mater’s support for Hamas and hatred of Israel that they are cutting off donations.

Are these five beauties hypocrites, naïve, or just stupid? Well, let’s see.

Ackman and his wife, Neri Oxman, received $125,000 donation to the Oxman Lab from Jeffrey Epstein. Ackman has donated to the DNC and supports Richard “Danang Dick” Blumenthal, the criminal Robert Melendez, and faux Jew, Chuckie Schumer.[1] Wexner had Epstein his financial advisor and later made him a trustee of the Wexner Foundation.[2] Magerman donated to the campaigns of Joe Biden and Cory Booker.[3] In 2016, Rowan donated $50,000 to the Hillary Action Fund.[4] In 2019, Asness pissed away $2800 on RINO Liz Cheney’s campaign … ‘nuff said there.[5]

Obviously, it is not stupidity. Ackman, Wexner, Asness, Rowan, and Magerman represent 70% of Unorthodox American Jews: hypocrites feigning outrage over the antisemitism and anti-Americanism they bankrolled. And so naïve that if their universities were building ovens, they would believe it was for baking cakes.


7 November 2023

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