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A favorite projection war cry of the Socialist/Marxist Party (aka Democrats) is that anything that disagrees with their expressed thoughts are a “threat to democracy.” But what kind of democracy are they referring to?  This obvious and simple question is never asked by the self-proclaimed “fair, balanced, and unafraid” pundits at FOX News.  SMP politicians and their propaganda arm, the so-called Legacy Media, would have us believe that democracy was the ideological cornerstone of our Constitutional Convention, that democracy can be found flowing through the pages of the Federalist Papers, that the U.S. is first and foremost a democratic nation.  Of course, those same politicians and media hacks never define what they mean by democracy.  They understand that by saying “threat to democracy” the most Americans, regrettably ignorant, I fear, of our founding documents,[1]will assume they mean the founding principle of our country and government.


            Those same politicians and media hacks, however, are quick to point out threats to democracy as they see them:


1.      Donald Trump, first and foremost.

2.      Supporters of Donald Trump.

3.      Separation of executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

4.      1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

5.      2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

6.      4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

7.      15th and 19th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

8.      Disagreement with Woke ideology.

9.      Disagreement with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ideology.

10.  Denying elections (unless you are a Democrat).

11.  The Electoral College.

12.  Disagreement with climate change ideology.

13.  Small government.

14.  Capitalism (except SMP apparatchiks).


So, what kind of democracy does the SMP want?  It is called direct democracy, as opposed to representative democracy, in which each person has a vote and the party with the most votes wins.  A sure recipe for majority tyranny.  Direct democracy is the reason for the Obama-Biden puppet presidency’s open border policy.  They believe that if they let in millions of illegal aliens and register them to vote – essentially ignoring the 15th and 19th Amendments, which should have every black citizen, every female citizen outraged – that those felons will cast their illegal votes for the SMP.  Personally, after seeing many of these illegals, I think it is a flawed methodology to maintain power.  Most of them do not look intelligent enough or motivated enough to carry out the SMP hopes.


Thanks to the genius of our Founding Fathers, particularly James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton, in recognizing and articulating the weaknesses and dangers of the Articles of Confederation for the collection of independent American states post-1783, we have a representative Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, based on popular sovereignty, balance of powers, and limited government.  James Madison posed in Federalist Papers, No. 39,


“whether the general form and aspect of the government be strictly republican.  It is evident that no other form would be reconcilable with the genius of the people of America; with the fundamental principles of the Revolution; now with that honorable determination which animates every votary of freedom to rest all our political experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.  If the plan of the [Constitutional] convention, therefore, be found to depart from the republican character, its advocates must abandon it as no longer defensible.”[2]


In that same essay, Madison commented on the Constitutional authority and making amendments that:


“we find it neither wholly national nor wholly federal.  Were it wholly national, the supreme and ultimate authority would reside in the majority of people of the Union; and this authority would be competent at all times, like that of a majority of every national society to alter or abolish its established government.  Were it wholly federal … the concurrence of each State in the Union would be essential to every alteration that would be binding on all.  The mode provided by the plan of the convention is not founded on either of these principles.  In requiring more than a majority, and particularly in computing the proportion by States, not by citizens, it departs from the national and advances towards the federal character; in rendering the concurrence of less than the whole number of States sufficient, it loses again the federal and partakes of the national character.”[3]


Madison’s concern to balance the national and federal aspects of our government was to prevent tyranny of both a majority and a minority; the electoral college being an example of that effort.  He and the other Framers of our Constitution brought about or permitted the establishment of, the following Republican values:[4]

“Freedom: The original and basic value. The party and its leaders have stood for freedom for people all over the world, and usually to welcome them to America. The GOP traditionally has believed that individuals should be free from government interference in our lives.

“Limited government: The GOP traditionally has stood for limitations on what the government can and should do. Government should not try to do everything or replace individual initiative to do for ourselves. It should leave most decisions on personal matters, like how we live, reproduce, love and worship, to individuals without government interference.

“Government close to the people: Republicans traditionally have believed that if government has to do things, it should do them at the level closest to the people being governed, so those people will have maximum input and the ability to try different approaches, either at the local or state level.

“Strong national defense: The GOP has stood for strong defense and preparedness. It also has stood for cautious use of that power. Strong defense does not mean wasting money on weapons systems which provide jobs in some powerful congressman or senator’s district, but intelligent investment that provides a military which can deter others from dangerous actions.

“Quality public education: Public education was a Republican idea in the 1800s, to provide a common understanding for citizens of all backgrounds, so they would have common values and preparation to be good citizens. Regardless of class or wealth, this is a system to bind us together and not split us apart.

“Limited taxes and balanced budgets: Traditionally, Republicans have believed that taxes must be sufficient to pay for the things we together decide to do. This means balanced budgets, reduced national debt and prudent fiscal policies.

“Conserving the environment: President Theodore Roosevelt was among the original environmentalists, and Republicans supported conserving the environment as good business and good policy.

“Encouraging capitalism: Republicans traditionally have believed in policies and programs that encourage capitalism as the best method to create wealth, a higher standard of living, competition and individual and group success. However, they also have believed in sensible limits that keep capitalism fair and controlled. The original anti-trust acts were enforced by Republicans like Roosevelt to create more, not less, capitalistic activity. Minimizing governmental regulations controls have encouraged responsible business activity and a strong economy. Support of capitalism also has traditionally included support for free trade.

“Realistic foreign policy based on American leadership: Republicans traditionally have believed in facing the facts as they are and leading in the world because our belief in freedom and justice deserved respect based on how we acted. This has included proper alliances, forging common ground and moral, principled leadership.”


According to the SMP, the Democrats, these nine values are a threat to democracy.  Don’t let the Woke Marxists, the misnamed Progressives, fool you.  Actually, those values are a threat to the direct democracy that the Obama-Biden puppet presidency hopes will secure autocratic power for them in perpetuity.



                                                                        17 December 2023

[1]  Declaration of Independence, Article of Confederation, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  For Gen Z-ers, the original Bill of Rights was a separate document, later included in the Constitution.

[2]  No. 39, Federalist Papers.

[3]  No. 39, Federalist Papers.

[4]  Taken from Brad Cook, “Traditional Republican Values,” NH Business Review, 21 June 2019,

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Very concise view of our present state of affairs.

I'm constanly baffled by the suddenness of the diseased transformation of America between my childhood years (idilic existence save that of a Cold War oblitersting the entire planet) and those at present (a "Warm War" wherein everyone panders to get flames on meaningless topics in an effort to shy away from real issues).

Enjoy your writings, @PROMETHEUS, always enlightening.

Replying to


Thank you for the kind words and glad you enjoy my missals!

My childhood in a small town in southwestern Franklin Co., Ohio was also idylic. However, the transformation was not so sudden. It began with Marxists, coming to this country to escape the Nazis, who then set up shop in the Ivy Leagues schools. The disease grew slowly, but after the implosion of the Democratic Party at the DNC conference in Chicago, 1968, it really began to expand. The pro-Palestinian (that is, neo-Nazi) demonstrations in these schools is proof of that opinion. And remember it is not just Israel they want to destroy, but America too.

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