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“In the two and a half years President Joe Biden has been in office, he’s worked to reset the guardrails against [Trump’s] abuses of power.”[1] [Darragh Roche writing in Newsweek.]

“President Joe Biden’s economic plans are winning over Americans, according to new polling conducted for Newsweek that asked eligible voters about their views on ‘Bidenomics.’ The Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll carried out on behalf of Newsweek found that 47 percent of respondents said they supported ‘Bidenomics,’ following the president's speech defining the term in Chicago.”[2] [Brian Bennett writing in Time.]

“You've often said when people ask you about your age, just watch me. And I think a lot of people do watch you and are impressed, and they think you've been a great president. You've brought the economy back, you've restored relations with the world.”[3] [Fareed Zakaria speaking to Biden in an interview.]

Sycophantic media “journalists,” such as those above, continue to declare that our alleged President’s totalitarian regime is not only loved by Americans, but also that that regime corrected a declining United States. This is gaslighting at its very best: weaving lies into a fantasy web that catches low information voters, the naïve, and the stupid.

And, California Congressman Ted Lieu has stated that Biden will be re-elected, and it will not be close.[4] Lieu is attempting to add another strand or two to the fantasy but is clearly talking out of his fourth point of contact. The Socialist/Marxist Party (SMP) already knows who they choose as a candidate in 2024. It will not be Lyin’ Joe Biden.

The reality is that our alleged President is a demented, doddering, lying criminal, who has weaponized the DOJ, FBI, IRS against the American public, destroyed our energy independence and economy, made the U.S. a vassal of China for money, maintained classified government documents in his garage, made us weak in the eyes of the world, ignores the Constitution,[5] and used Wokeism to tear our society apart. Since Christmas, Americans and SMP devotees (Biden voters/supporters, euphemistically called Democrats) have seen the indifference Lyin’ Joe and his tacky wife, Jilly, demonstrate toward Hunter’s love child, their granddaughter, 4-year-old Navy Joan Roberts. She did not get coal in her stocking at the White House because she did not get a stocking! Indeed, those who work in the White House have been told not to refer to her as a seventh Biden grandchild.[6] Although those in the liberal media will not query President Uriah Heep and First Lady Cruella DeVille on how they became so cold and callous to a baby of their own blood, it has rankled some, such as Jessica Tarlov of Fox News and The View co-host, Alyssa Farrah Griffin.[7] Most recently, a bag of blow was found in the Executive Mansion. We were told that the Biden family was at Camp David when the bag was found. Which was a lie. Since then, we have been told that the owner of the nose candy will probably never be found. Probably another lie. My guess is that Hunter forgot to take it with him.

Joe Biden, his wife, and entire family have become embarrassing liabilities for the SMP. Even some in the usually pro-totalitarian regime Legacy Media are becoming uneasy with his incoherent remarks, gaffes, falls, intemperate remarks when challenged,[8] and attempts at unconstitutional governing.[9] The SMP knows that Biden’s failures as alleged President and human being will not secure more than 33% of voters and it would be difficult to carry out another fraudulent election (ballot harvesting, rigged voting machines, and cemetery voters) to fill in the gap.

As we proceed into 2024, the SMP will give Biden the same treatment the Democratic National Committee gave Lyndon Johnson in early 1968, that is, the Party will not support your bid for re-election. Johnson’s big government programs – the Great Society initiative – were expensive and took little notice of personal liberties which irritated conservatives, and when the Great Society took a financial backseat to the Vietnam War liberals were infuriated. The result was a cultural, ideological, and racial divide in America (Sound familiar, Joe?). Challenged by anti-war candidates Eugene McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy, Sr., growing anti-war activism, and general loss of party support, Johnson told Americans in late March he would not seek re-election. Vice-President Hubert H. Humphrey won the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, which ensured Johnson’s policies would continue, and led to thousands of anti-war protesters rioting violently through the streets.

I predict this will be Biden’s fate. The 2024 SMP Convention will once again be held in Chicago. I predict that whoever has been selected as the candidate, the SMP will demonstrate the same disunity and disarray that took place in 1968. The violent rioting that will inevitable take place outside should be interesting in an era of defunded police.


10 July 2023

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Student Loan Forgiveness Plan; packing the Supreme Court. See ATUD article “The Constitution is Not Absolute,” 15 July 2022. [6]; [7]; [8] [9]

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