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Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When General Lord Charles Cornwallis surrendered Yorktown to General Washington, 19 October 1781, ending our War for Independence, the British band supposedly played The World Turned Upside Down. Americans may think the same as we watch the Democrats and the useful idiots that accompany them march down the trail to a totalitarian state. Let’s observe a few examples:

President, a term I apply loosely, Biden stated in October 2020 that COVID could not be controlled and eliminated by individual state action. Then he stated there was no Federal solution to COVID and that the states would have to figure it out. Yet Lyin’ Joe advocated Federal vaccination and masking mandates implemented in those states!

When Lord Anthony Fauci was delivering the Gospel on COVID and then the new COVID variants (Omicron, Delta), he advocated the Holy Trinity – vaccination, masks, and testing – for everyone. Everyone that is except the thousands being allowed across our southwestern border because “that is a different issue.”[1] Lord Fauci may be the greatest propagandist since Joseph Goebbels and Saul Alinsky. Moreover, Lord Fauci has claimed that to question or contradict him is contradicting science.[2]

Over the past year, the US Government has continued to give out COVID relief money to keep folks from working. This in conjunction with Biden’s voluntarily giving up our energy independence to chase a climate change fantasy has resulted in a shortage of gasoline, regular and diesel. Predictably prices of all goods and supply shortages increased. Most shamefully is the shortage of baby formula, the result of FDA bureaucratic incompetence.

Smash and grab theft is the order of the day in San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other cities with absolutely no consequences to the looters. Murders have increased in many major cities over the past year as police funding has declined. Yet, Nancy Pelosi stated she did not know what the origin of this crime was. Before Jen Psaki left the Biden Adventure, she commented the rise in crime was because of COVID, and other S/Ms, such as the Philadelphia’s DA, deny that crime is increasing! These statements could be accepted from fools, but these folks are not fools. They have a Socialist/Marxist (S/M) agenda to pursue.

While pro-abortion activists demand infanticide as a “right”, self-defense has become a crime in America. Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of murder for defending himself, was called a racist and white supremacist during his recent trial even though no blacks were involved in the shooting or the trial. Currently, Jose Alba, a 51-year-old convenience store owner in New York City has been charged with second degree murder for defending himself against an attack – caught on video cam – by a 37-year-old man causing trouble over a bag of potato chips.

Our southern border is open to one and all, therefore, it is not a border. We are no longer a sovereign nation. Taxpayer dollars are being used to transport illegal aliens, some with criminal records, not just to S/M strongholds such as New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago, but to our heartland, to “Fly Over America” that S/Ms hate so much. And all occurring in the dark of night. The toll in human trafficking – extortion, family separations, forced prostitution, rape, and other abuses have not been assessed. Because our “Border Czarina” (an odd moniker to use in a free country), the beloved Kamala Harris and entire administration do not give a damn. Nor do they care about the constant flood of drugs, such as fentanyl and other opioids – some made in China and brought in by Mexican drug cartels – coming over the border.

For Americans the world has been turned upside down. I submit, however, that for the S/Ms it is just beginning to be right side up.

The Socialist/Marxist Agenda[3]

Socialists have been infiltrating our educational, judicial, and political systems for over a century, but have made tremendous progress since the 1960s being supported by the news media. It appears from the desire of colleges and universities to have group think and group speak, the disinclination of judges and prosecutors to invoke our laws on criminals, and the current Congressional agenda to destroy American liberties, autonomy, and economy, that the S/Ms have taken over the Democratic Party. Indeed, the terms Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, Leftist or Democratic Party are just euphemisms for a Socialist/Marxist Party.

Socialism is defined, according to Marxist theory, as a transitional stage between capitalism and communism (Marxism) which advocates governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods and the abolishment of private property.[4] By definition, Socialism/Marxism is the antithesis of American government, culture, society, and values. Therefore, one can be a Socialist or an American, but to claim one is both is an oxymoron. It is an impossibility as these two politico-economic states cannot exist together. It would be equivalent to saying one is a member of the Islamic Christian Church.

The definition of S/M also largely defines its agenda: total control of the population through fear, envy, and division. However, Marxists and Socialists, from Karl Marx to Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, and Castro, always require a social crisis and an accompanying bodyguard of lies to impose their doctrine. The reason for this is simple: only someone incredibly stupid and/or lazy would voluntarily embrace S/M doctrine.[5] And, if a social crisis is not at hand, Socialists will create one.[6] Lenin and Castro did this by vilifying national leaders; Hitler by vilifying bankers and Jews. The Biden administration had a ready-made crisis and method of population control in the COVID pandemic. To this they have added a materiel supply crisis, a fuel crisis, a border crisis, a crime crisis, and a baby formula crisis. What better way to intentionally paralyze a society?

Build Back Better!

The Biden campaign slogan, Build Back Better, is only a half slogan which satisfies incredibly stupid and lazy individuals. The whole slogan should be: Build Back Better to a Socialist/Marxist State. How could a S/M America be better? It would no longer be America. Again, the S/M agenda is propped up by lies, big ones. Hitler cautioned: tell a big lie because no one will believe a little one. Let’s look at a few of the big lies peddled by the S/M Regime currently in power.

The COVID Pandemic. COVID is no longer pandemic nor epidemic. It is endemic, like many other contagious diseases. It may continue to produce illness and death in the elderly, but so does influenza, Streptococcus pneumoniae, E. coli, and a variety of other bacteria and viruses that, apparently, do not concern us now. Lord Fauci, the CDC, WHO, Biden Misadministration, and a feckless news Media continue to insist on a false pandemic to terrify the ignorant with an endless parade of new variants and an escalating vaccination schedule.[7] The S/M goal? Elimination of 1st Amendment liberties by government mandated vaccination, masking, and lockdowns.

History, Racism, and Cancel Culture. Marxist history, for all intents and purposes, only goes back to Karl Marx. That culture is one of fear, envy, atheism, totalitarian obedience, and violence[8]against those who disagree with S/M doctrine. For S/M doctrinaires to conquer another society they must cancel, that is, eliminate the history, traditions, and culture of that society. Their methods for doing so are always subtle, but artless, transparent, and aimed at the naïve and ignorant.[9]

White privilege and systemic racism are the current labels used to denigrate America and conservative Americans whether white, black, Hispanic, or Asian. The S/M goal: to rewrite and inevitably destroy American history, traditions, and culture. The 1619 Project, the removal of Confederate statues in southern states, and disparaging our Founding Fathers who owned slaves are examples. James Madison’s Montpelier and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello have come under the control of Marxists who are obliterating the history of our Founding Fathers because they were not 21st century Marxists. But desecrating statues of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas? Lincoln eliminated slavery. Douglas was an abolitionist.

In 2021 S/Ms also trashed Thanksgiving as racist. The pretense, of course, was the sincere empathy and caring they have for the treatment of American Indians by white racists. Anyone familiar with S/M history knows that they do not like minorities of any color, race, sexual or gender orientation, mental defect, or creed. More accurately, S/Ms hate Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, and Ramadan because these observances honor and give thanks to GOD. S/Ms have no God other than their current dictator.

Climate Change. This hobby horse the S/Ms have ridden for years and continue to because they are absolutely committed and arrogant enough to believe that they can save Mother Earth. As with COVID, S/Ms and their “science” work to save us from ourselves. Of course, this is faithless empathy, false caring, and perfidious science fit only for the naïve and ignorant. Three to four decades ago S/Ms were worrying that the earth was getting too cold. Over the past 20 or so years, they became convinced it was getting too warm. We heard such climate experts as Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and other Hollywood elites lecture us on how the ice caps were melting, that carbon footprints must be reduced, and how the earth was going to cook us all in 12 years … no, we meant 20 years … no wait, 25 years from now … ok, from now. This hyperbole and hypocrisy spewed by S/Ms is ludicrous. Since global cooling and global warming did not pan out, they decided to combine the two and just pursue climate change. This is genius because no matter what the climate does, it is changing and, therefore, always a ready-made crisis.

Are they truly so arrogant and narcissistic that they believe they can alter the climate, particularly since much of the world does not give a damn? No. Do they really care? No. When have the S/Ms ever criticized East Asian countries, India, or the African nations for polluting the earth’s air and water? Never. Yet the S/M wants to shut down the coal and oil industries in America in favor of solar and wind energy and electric automobiles. But where does the electricity come from? The memory of February 2021 in the south should dissuade anyone of that being a good idea.

America Turned Upside Down

These lies, the government manufactured crises we are enduring, and a fraudulent presidential election have turned America upside down. The Republican Party was caught napping as the S/Ms stole the 2020 presidential election. They and the conservative media appear to remain asleep as the 2022 elections approach: they talk ad nauseum of a red wave crushing the S/Ms, of buyer’s remorse among the minority of Americans who voted for Biden as shortages of goods and inflation increase. Yet not one news segment discusses voting fraud and how it will be avoided. No one asks who is running the country? No one demands Biden/or Congress explain the convenient coalescence of multiple crises in a perfect economic storm or why the government is paying people to stay at home while many businesses cannot get anyone to work?

There is no buyer’s remorse for most Biden supporters. They have what they wanted, and their world is right side up. The tyranny and totalitarianism of Socialism/Marxism is spreading relentlessly across America. It is an evil doctrine, spread by evil individuals, and supported by the evil, naïve, ignorant, and lazy. There is no equality, no social justice, no individual freedoms in a S/M world, only the fulfillment of the selfish desires of a few arrogant, power-hungry individuals through the oppression of everyone else. Real Americans, whether Conservative, Libertarian, or Moderate Democrat, must awaken – become “woke,” if you will – to the S/M cancer consuming our nation. This tyranny must be overcome, or else America will vanish from the earth.


13 July 2022

[1] The Daily Caller, 1 December 2021. [2] For more on Fauci’s prevarications see “Fauci’s COVID Lies: A Cautionary Tale” [3] See the Marxist agenda at: [4] [5] See Rand Paul, The Case Against Socialism (New York: HarperCollins, 2019). [6] If this statement is doubted read the history of the Bolsheviks, Nazis, or Cuban Revolution. As Saul Alinsky wrote, “Radicals precipitate the social crisis by action – by using power.” Saul Alinsky, Reveille for Radicals (New York: Vintage Books, 1989), p. 22. Originally published by the University of Chicago Press in 1946. [7] Influenza, a contagious disease with the potential for annual variants and closely watched by the WHO, never has variants with scary names like Omicron. The vaccination schedule for influenza never increases. Yet influenza has a mortality history that puts COVID mortality in the shade. [8] Nazi Brownshirt gangs and our own misnamed Antifascists (ANTIFA) are prime examples. Saul Alinsky justified murder and violence against conservatives in Reveille for Radicals in 1946, pp. 18, 21. [9] Saul D. Alinsky, wrote Reveille for Radicals (1946) and Rules for Radicals (1971). His prose is very clever yet transparent in its real message of justified social violence in establishing Socialism. His verbosity smacks of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

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