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Updated: Sep 19, 2022


The COVID 19 pandemic was real. Those over 60 years and with additional medical problems were, and remain, at risk and appropriate precautions are warranted. However, fear of COVID has become a useful tool for the Socialist/Marxists in our government to put Americans into bondage. Mask and vaccine mandates, and the punishment for ignoring these mandates are part of a larger project to create a Socialist/Marxist State.

The following commentary on COVID 19 is drawn from facts found online from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and other sources with references provided. It also comes from 40 years as a physician, public health officer, epidemiologist,[1]and medical historian.

COVID in Perspective

In 2003, the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) pandemic, due to a corona virus, came roaring out of China. It spread by international air travel and struck a handful of cities, but Toronto was hit particularly hard. The overall death rate for SARS was 10% according to the CDC;[2] the WHO now reports 3% mortality.[3] Interestingly in contradistinction to COVID 19, no restrictions were placed on international travel, no mandates for wearing a face mask, no public discussion of developing a vaccine.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, another corona virus, is spread from camels to humans with a death rate of 35%.[4] Although it can be spread by aerosol droplets from human to human, no community spread has been documented in the Arabian Peninsula.[5]

In January 2020, COVID 19, a corona virus, came roaring out of the Wuhan laboratory in China. It promised to be a very bad.

The common cold is also brought to us by a corona virus.

The 8 COVID Lies of Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, State Health Departments, the Media, and Politicians have lied, by omission and commission, to the American public since the beginning of this pandemic. Physicians, public health officials, epidemiologists, and Dr. Fauci know this. It is impossible for them not to know it. Indeed, these lies, either omission or commission, have twisted medical science into incredibly bizarre shapes. Let’s look at some of them.

COVID Case Definition. Any disease outbreak investigation begins with a case definition, that is, what signs/symptoms (Ex. Fever, headache, runny nose, nausea, cough) define any single case of illness in an individual. COVID has its set of signs/symptoms. However, once testing for COVID was put in place, the definition of a case of COVID included asymptomatic (no illness), test positive individuals! An asymptomatic person is not, by definition, sick. Therefore, THAT PERSON IS NOT CASE. Yet this definition is being used by our State Public Health officials. Science Twisting Lie #1.

COVID Testing. In testing for any disease, the test must tell us whether the individual really has (test positive) or does not have (test negative) the disease. The ability of a test to discriminate positive from negative must be reliable. (Think of the effects of an unreliable test with diabetes or any form of cancer.) COVID 19 is a coronavirus. SARS is a coronavirus. And the common cold can also be caused by a coronavirus. Does the COVID Test, which really got going in June 2020, tell the difference between COVID 19 and the common cold coronavirus? The American public has not been told. Science Twisting Lie #2.

Statistical Silence. The subject of statistics terrifies some and bores others into a coma, but medical statistics are the bread and butter of public health action. And basic medical statistics are not difficult to understand when properly explained. Statistics tell us who is getting the disease, how fast is the disease spreading, and who is dying from the disease. The American public should have had disease prevalence (how much disease is in the community), incidence (how many new cases are occurring per week or month), and mortality (how many individuals with the disease die) explained to them in simple terms.

In the case of COVID, it has been individuals over the age of 60 with additional medical problems who have the greatest chance of dying. Those of any age with compromised immune systems also have a greater chance of dying if infected. Those under age 15 appear to be little impacted by COVID and do not seem to spread it much either. However, COVID statistics have been studiously avoided by Dr. Fauci and never raised as a question by the ignorant and/or complicit Media. In fact, when COVID cases supposedly skyrocketed in July 2020 and the mortality rate declined, Dr. Fauci said on a national news program not to pay attention to mortality rates! Why? Because he knows that if disease cases are rising then the number of individuals dying from disease will also increase. The INCLUSION OF ASYMPTOMATIC TEST POSITIVE INDIVIDUALS AS CASES CAUSED THIS RISE; it could not have occurred otherwise, and the mortality decline is proof positive. Science Twisting Lie #3.

Infectious Diseases Affect Everyone Indiscriminately. The worst lie of omission propagated by Dr. Fauci, the Media, and politicians is that COVID 19 affects all individuals the same way. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Infectious (contagious) diseases do not affect everyone indiscriminately, that is, in the same way. This fact has been known since the mid-18th-century when British physician James Lind published this fact from his hospital practice. Of course, Lind did not know of the human immune system, but he did recognize that diseases had different strengths, what we know today as virulence. However, this lie, along with those above, has been used to terrify the American public. Proof of this lies in the mask mandate and the closing of schools and day care centers and their re-opening with a mask mandate for our children. Science Twisting Lie #4.

COVID 19 Transmission. COVID, like influenza, the common cold, is spread through aerosol transmission (droplets from coughing or speaking) and contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. Precautions to protect those at risk of severe infection and possibly death are warranted. However, the lies of omission by Fauci, the Media, and politicians has allowed every CEO and shop keeper to become experts on disease transmission. Masks worn everywhere, including the gym, wiping down every item touched by human hands with disinfectant, and hand sanitizer on every flat surface! All except areas where people eat and drink. To enter a restaurant one dons a mask, but as soon as the table is reached the masks come off, as if breathing while eating and drinking somehow precludes COVID transmission from table to table. Or perhaps COVID is just a very understanding virus.

Moreover, the American public seems to think that COVID is also transmitted through the air on its own. The idea that infectious diseases travel in the atmosphere blown about by the wind is a 17th-century idea advocated by English physician Thomas Sydenham and given up in the late 19th century. However, people continue to go out running by themselves and others drive alone in their cars wearing masks. Science Twisting Lie #5.

Natural Immunity. At the beginning of the pandemic, natural immunity, which is generated by our immune systems from exposure to, or illness from, an infectious disease, and the herd immunity[6]produced, was mentioned only to discredit their importance. Herd immunity would take too long to develop we were told, therefore, something else – a vaccine – had to be produced. There is nothing inherently wrong in that approach, except that natural immunity has been produced by all the people exposed to COVID, whether they became ill or not. And it appears that natural immunity produced through infection with COVID is longer lasting than with the vaccine. However, there is never any serious discussion of natural immunity by Dr. Fauci, the Media, or politicians, except to deny its importance. Science Twisting Lie #6.

The Vaccine. The COVID vaccine was supposedly the answer to the pandemic. It was produced and implemented very rapidly. What short cuts were taken with human trials? We have not been told, and although not broadcast by the Media, side effects are beginning to increase. Even so, the government is pushing our youngsters, and probably our babies soon, to have the vaccine. Why? The vaccine does not preclude the disease, nor does it preclude the transmission of the virus, and our children are not affected by it. So why risk taking it? A vaccine should be at least 75-80% effective or it is not considered to be a good vaccine and should not be used.[7] What is the effectiveness of each COVID vaccine? It was said once on the news that it was 65% effective, more recently only 50%, however the numbers available only confuse the public.[8] Then, as the phony cases increased (see Science Twisting lie #1), we were told that those vaccinated were more likely to contract the disease. Huh? That makes no sense whatsoever. And if that is what the medical community thought was happening then vaccine administration should have been stopped immediately. But it was not. There are many lies associated with the vaccine, but let’s call it Science Twisting Lie #7.

COVID Treatment. A handful of medicines have been developed and discovered since the pandemic began. Most of them appear to be quite effective. But these medicines have not been hailed as “wonder drugs” and their availability may not be as universal as it should be. Fox News commentator, Neil Cavuto, said months ago on his show that hydroxychloroquine would “kill you” if it was used to treat COVID.[9] As I listened to this I was dumbfounded! Hydroxychloroquine has been used as a safe and effective anti-malarial drug for 70 years. It is effective against COVID. So why would Cavuto say something that the majority, if not all, of physicians world-wide know to be untrue? Why would pharmacies – at least Walgreens in San Antonio – not fill a hydroxychloroquine prescription stating that the medication was not FDA approved? The vaccine is not FDA approved and all pharmacies are pushing that daily! Science Twisting Lie #8.


Dr. Fauci and the Media have been, and continue to be, effective in propagating COVID lies. Unlike COVID, influenza kills our babies and the elderly. So why has influenza not generated mask and vaccine mandates, closed schools, churches, and businesses? Because it has never been in the interest of the government to do so. Now, it is in the interest of the current Socialist/Marxist regime in Washington, D.C. to generate fear of COVID 19 through these lies for one reason: population control. Closing schools, businesses, churches, synagogues, and mosques, mandating masks and vaccines kept Americans separated socially, it isolated them from, and made them fearful of, one another.

Using COVID as a tool for population control, the Socialists did not merely infringe upon, but literally took away our 1st Amendment rights of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and the right of assembly. COVID has been a clever and, to date, successful experiment for the Socialist/Marxists as there has been no significant push back from Americans.

Beware America, if the 1st Amendment is eliminated, the others will fall like dominos.


[1] Epidemiology is the study of diseases in populations. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Herd immunity is developed in a community either through natural immunity or a vaccine against the disease. When enough of a population is immune then the unexposed and unimmunized portion of the population gains protection from the disease as it cannot spread quickly. [7] To understand how vaccine effectiveness is determined go to How effective are COVID-19 vaccines? Here's what the stats mean … and what they don't ( [8] COVID-19 vaccine efficacy summary | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation ( [9]

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