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The disappearance of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for, essentially, two weeks is one more lie from our alleged puppet president, the Criminal, Joe Biden.  General (ret.) Jack Keene briefly outlined this morning (8 Jan) on Fox News how absences – leave, illness, hospitalization, etc. – from duty are handled and the chain of command maintained.  The general commented that there had been a procedural breakdown in staff-to-staff communications between the Pentagon and the White House, but we must wait on all the facts.  With all due respect to General Keene’s diplomatic remarks, there is more to this fish story than a procedural breakdown and the White House and Pentagon don’t deal in facts.


Anyone who has served in the military knows this story is as bizarre as reports from “doctors” that Biden is aging in reverse!  First, the SecDef communicates with many people every day.  To make that happen smoothly, he has a large staff and many handlers.  Did any of these people wonder where he was?  Did they inquire among colleagues in the Pentagon; call the Executive Mansion to see if he was having lunch with Biden, Sullivan, or Blinken?  Apparently not, as those three stooges claim – for the moment anyway – that they were not informed of Austin’s absence from duty.  Interesting too is that Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathy Hicks, the person who would be acting SecDef should Austin drop over dead, was not informed either.


For readers unfamiliar with military operations, Austin’s actions constitute a willful, egregious DERELICTION OF DUTY for which he should be relieved as SecDef.  Austin may be incompetent, but he is not stupid, even though his comments concerning those actions sound like a mia culpa from a teenager after wrecking the car!  “I recognize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was appropriately informed,” Austin said in the statement, “I commit to doing better.”[1] The Pentagon stated, “There has been no indication that Austin’s hospitalization put national security at risk.”[2] And Biden said he had full confidence in Austin and would not relieve him.


Now let’s tell this fairy tale as it should be told:

Once upon a time, in a corrupt and feckless U.S. administration, SecDef had a boo-boo and an owie that he wanted fixed and kept secret.  But that would be difficult because he was busy f**king over Israel and our military assets in Syria.  So, he decided not to tell anyone he was going to the doctor place for help.  Anyone, that is, except for the evil Shadowbama, the real power in the Oval Office.  Shadowbama was glad to assist SecDef because he wanted to live in the White House again as Der Führer.  This was his opportunity to make the Criminal, Joe Biden, look like an incompetent, demented ass once again – not that Biden needed any help – thereby, undermining Biden’s re-election campaign so Michelle Ma Belle, Shadowbama’s America hating wife, could be the Socialist-Marxist nominee for president.  SecDef asked, “What will you do.”

Shadowbama stroked his chin and thought for a moment.  “I shall have my Honkylackies take to their brooms and sprinkle Nonsensidust heavily over the White House, the Pentagon, and all the homes of the Clowns in the Clown Cabinet,” replied Shadowbama rubbing his gnarled hands together with glee, “They will not recall the event and make asinine comments.”

“But, Shadowbama,” interjected SecDef, “They have been doing those things for three years without Nonsensidust.”

“Don’t contradict me!” shouted Shadowbama with a glare, “You have already made me late for my golf game.  Michelle Ma Belle will kick my scrawny, asymmetrical ass if I am late for supper.”

That night the Honkylackies flew like, like, well, like Honkylackies do, spreading Nonsensidust over the White House, Pentagon, Clown Cabinet homes, and just for good measure over the Capitol too!  The next day, SecDef went to the doctor place to have his boo-boo and owie attended to.  And no one missed him.  Then he had complications from the boo-boo/owie medicine and had to spend many days in a special room at the doctor place.  And no one missed him.

SecDef was very pleased and kissed Shadowbama’s ass.  But the sly, evil Shadowbama knew the Nonsensidust would wear off quickly and one of his Blabberlackies would let the cat out of the bag.  “Remember, SecDef” said Shadowbama pulling up his drawers, “If our little deception gets out, just say you recognize you have could have done better and will endeavor to do so in the future.”

Well, the story became public and SecDef did as Shadowbama bade him.  The Pentagon said there was no security risk, and Biden, Sullivan, Blinken, and Hicks looked like they weren’t sure if they had been punched, stabbed, shot, or f**ked.

And Shadowbama continued to direct the corrupt and feckless administration.

The End.


            Cassandra is out today but she provided this prediction for 2024.  The alleged president, the Criminal, Joe Biden, and his Clown Cabinet are merely props in this puppet show. Barak Obama is running the country.  All of Biden’s “decisions” were prepared for him by Obama, particularly the Valley Forge speech which was demagoguery reminiscent of Hitler’s speeches in the 1930s.  Obama has had a successful third term as shadow president and wants to secure a fourth and a dictatorship.  His puppet Biden is taking all the flak from Obama’s destructive decisions.  So, the Socialist-Marxist Party will need a savior come August and who better to guide them than Barak Obama.  He will argue that Biden has been a failure; Newsome, Whitmer, and Phillips incapable of rallying enough support to beat Trump.  Therefore, he will present Michelle as the party’s candidate.  Obama cannot serve an official third term as president, but with Michelle in the White House the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution will become moot.


            Watch for Obama and then the Legacy Media to begin distancing themselves from Biden as the months go by.



                                                                        8 January 2024

[1]  Gordon Lubold, “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization Deepens Mystery od His Absence,” WSJ, 7 Jan 2024.

[2]  Ibid.

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Outstanding post. It's poignant (your writing has pleasantly morphed into full-fledged, authentic "funny but fucking scary") and precisely on target. You elucidate from us the perplexing question: HOW in the world does no one ELSE see this?" Yet the sad answer, as evidenced by your piece, is that many DO see this. For half of them, it's pre-programming; they are intrinsically SURE of why this is happening. For the other half, they see this and discount it as mere nonsense. After all, that half is busy searching for their next gov't handout.

I enjoy these pieces and encourage others to add their views.


A friend agrees with your "funny but fucking scary" opinion; she does not know that I am PROMETHEUS!

I think you will like today's post.

Thanks again for sending comments and encouraging others to read and comment


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