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What is the only country in the entire world that has all these characteristics:

1. Advocates for abortion/infanticide on demand.

2. Cannot produce enough baby formula to feed the babies not aborted.

3. Has completely open borders.

4. Has a Bill of Rights that are not absolute.

5. Demands that people be vaccinated with a worthless and potentially harmful vaccine.

6. At least half the population are labeled as “fascists.”

7. Has an alleged President who is cognitively impaired.

8. Dissent in any form is not allowed by the government; censorship will prevail.

9. The state and local police forces have been neutered by politicians funded by a Marxist.

10. Two National secret police organizations routinely spy on the public.

11. Indoctrinates their 5 to 9-year-olds with pornography.

12. Encourages gender fluidity and adolescent sex change.

13. Election tampering/fraud is a way of life.

14. Stubbornly refuses to be gas and oil independent.

15. Believes that wind, solar, and electric power will save the planet.

16. Does not understand that electrical power is generated from fossil fuel.

17. Buys dirtier oil from its enemies.

18. Believes it can control the earth’s climate.

19. Sells farmland to its enemies.

20. A country so systemically racist that people are going to it in the hundreds of thousands.

Is it China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or some other country run by a tin pot dictator? Nope. None of those countries would force feed their babies pornography instead of formula. Nor would they be so stupid as to sit on all the oil, gas, and coal they need and not dig it out of the ground.

Could it be a European country? Well, the European Union has played with open borders but found it was not such a good idea. Britain’s shores are open to any Muslim and certain areas of London are under Sharia Law. They also sold out their steel industry to China. Germany is looking for a very cold winter because they went all on for the Green New Deal secure in the knowledge that a Russian Marxist would supply them with fuel. The Netherland government is stealing land from their farmers for reasons only known to God. Switzerland has already banned the use of electric cars this winter, showing rather sound judgement. France? No, the French may be a lot of things, but completely stupid is not one of them. Italy? No, they just elected a conservative Prime Minister.

Perhaps it is a Central American country or Mexico? A South American, African, or Asian country? Not a chance. Australia? Canada? Well, Canadians are quite happy with their Marxist dictator and Parliament and living with limited freedoms, but no.

That leaves only one country. It used to be called the United States of America or just America, the Land of Freedom and Opportunity. Indeed, Jay and the Americans sang a song about those things in the 1960s. But that was a long time ago for many. Today we are the Disunited States of … of … Nothing. Cannot be a sovereign nation without a border. Cannot have a safe, secure society with criminals running rampant in major cities.

Cannot be united if the population is divided into black, brown, yellow, white, atheists, Protestant, Catholic, Hebrew, Muslim, Marxists, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, transgenders, homosexuals, heterosexual, and the gender confused. Indeed, it appears that the agenda of the Socialist/Marxist Party, NEA, and their Woke cronies is centered on gender, sex, and teaching racism. Anyone disagreeing will be lambasted as misogynistic, racist, transphobic, climate and election deniers by Progressives – a misnomer if there ever was one – and a news media that finds sadistic pleasure in destroying America and Americans daily with their vitriol. Those who continue to disagree will be censored.

Cannot be taken seriously by the rest of the world with a demented, lying, evil fool in the White House and freaks, such as Sam Brinton, are given government jobs. And the 2024 election is likely to be just as fraudulent as that in 2020.

Now answer these questions: When will Republicans, Independents, conservatives, and Libertarians get their heads out of the clouds, or wherever they have them stuck, JOIN RANKS, GIRD THEIR LOINS, and FIGHT THE TYRANNY that has taken over our country? When will Americans have enough of Progressive insanity? When will the Spirit of 1776, indeed the Spirit of 19 April 1775, be awakened?


17 December 2022

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05 ene 2023

Well said. I really don't want to agree with this, but the sentiment is more accurately stated: "I don't want this to be true anymore". The refusal of energy independence by our government is dereliction of duty, in my opinion. Nuclear power is something that should be pursued considering the development of nuclear power technology. Look into thorium reactors for more context. Majority of people hear nuclear and assume that the technology is the same as that used at Chernobyl. Ultimately, I can't tell how much of this is malevolence and how much is voluntary ignorance. I assume it's varying shades of both.

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