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Apologies for the delay in opining on this event. The fetching Mrs. Prometheus and I were in Colorado. Not for the natural (and now legal) Rocky Mountain high, but rather to visit grandchildren and escape the temperature of lower elevations.

To recap briefly, FOX News advertised the “debate,” to include a countdown clock, as if it were the second coming of Christ. From its stable of Trump haters, Bret Baer and Martha McCallum were chosen as interrogators. This pair ensured an unfair and unbalanced question would be included so that Asa Hutchinson, the Crisco Cowboy, and “Milk Toast Mike” Pence could engage in Trump bashing.

The “debate,” so called, rapidly turned into what Mr. Scott called a food fight, which started when Mr. Ramaswamy fired a couple of heat rounds into the Crisco Cowboy’s prodigious buns. After a couple of verbal punches, Crisco said he had had enough of this abuse from a non-politician who had not done squat for his country. Not to be outdone, Ms. Haley tagged in to allow Crisco’s buns to cool. She stated that Ramaswamy would leave Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine out to dry. Ramaswamy, obviously delighted with the attention, held his own throughout the “debate.”

“Milk Toast Mike” Pence, a self-righteous Holier-than-Thou Hoosier, took on the mantle of an arrogant, sanctimonious, condescending ass. He slammed Ramaswamy, Trump, and anyone else who doubted he was entitled to be the Republican candidate. Very brave of you, Mike, since Trump was not there! Perhaps a few more sessions with Bible Beaters Anonymous will take that religion off your sleeve.

Mr. DeSantis and Mr. Scott decided wisely not to engage. Both were well-prepared and their answers were on target and resonated well with the audience. Mr. Hutchinson attempted to draw attention to himself, but, being essentially a political non-entity, he failed. Mr. Burgum seemed unprepared and appeared stunned throughout the proceedings.

So much for the recap. What did we learn from the “debate?”

First, Bret Baer is neither fair nor balanced. About half way through the evening, he told viewers that, although they had other important topics to cover, he wanted to ask the candidates about Trump’s indictment, etc. Now all of the candidates in this event had to sign a pledge that they would support whoever was nominated by the RNC or they would not be allowed to participate. So, it is interesting that Baer’s first question was: Show hands of those who would support Trump if he was nominated? Everyone raised their hands except Hutchinson and the Crisco Cowboy. And, by the way, DeSantis had to look to his left before raising his hand. Shame on you, Ron.

So, in front of thousands of viewers, Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie admitted they were liars. They went on to criticize Trump harshly which did not go over with the audience. Indeed, Daddy Bret had to chastise them for booing loudly.

Second, Ms. Haley has become, along with the Crisco Cowboy, the darling of FOX news. They get a lot of oxygen there for claiming that Trump is the most hated politician in America, even though he is polling way ahead of everyone. How could that be, Nikki? Ms. Haley’s performance was applauded mostly for her stance on abortion and feminism. Uh, Nikki, the SCOTUS has returned abortion decisions to the states where it belongs. Constitutionally, the Federal government has no authority to intervene in abortion decisions of the states (10th Amendment). Moreover, the Feminist Movement is dead. If it were not, boys dressing up like girls would not be allowed to join sororities or play in women’s sports.

Third, Mr. Ramaswamy has excellent ideas on how to save America from the current Marxist regime. However, he is not ready to be President, but rather a member of the Cabinet.

Fourth, Mr. Scott also has sound ideas. Regrettably, he is too nice and, I believe, unable to engage in the savage and bloody street fight required to crush and eliminate Marxism from America.

Fifth, Mr. DeSantis has taken fire from all the media for having a failing campaign. Indeed, the only person the Legacy media, including FOX, hate and fear more than Trump is Ron DeSantis. DeSantis conducted himself with dignity and grace during the “debate.” He did not engage in attacks on Trump or his colleagues. His answers to questions were well thought out and presented. And when asked about using lethal force on our southern border, he declared “Yes.” The audience applauded. The Marxists shuddered and wet their pants.

America needs a Trump-DeSantis ticket.


31 August 2023

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