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It is said that there are only two constants in life, death and taxes. I will add a third constant, Democrats cheating to win elections. They attempted it in 2016 with the Russia Hoax, accomplished it in 2020 with ballot harvesting to bring a lying, demented criminal into the White House, and have openly announced they are doing it again in 2022. This time in Pennsylvania, to elect a cognitively impaired Marxist, to the U.S. Senate.

Last week in a “hot mic moment” in Syracuse, Chucky Schumer told our alleged President that the Fetterman-Oz debate “didn’t hurt us too much in Pennsylvania. So that is good.”[1] The debate was a disaster. Fetterman acted like a punch-drunk boxer from his opening remarks, “Good night, everyone,” to the bloody end. If he had been a boxer, his manager would have taken him out of the ring early on. So how did Schumer know it would not hurt the Socialist/Marxist Party’s chances in the Keystone State? Well …

Pennsylvania election authorities are receiving mail-in ballots that are not dated and signed. Although illegal, they want these votes counted, and are suing the state to get their way. So, a collection of stiffs is marking ballots for Fetterman in some warehouse in Philly then sending them in sans date or signature … and they should be counted. Oh, yeah, that makes sense! And those same authorities have stated that it will take some days to count all the ballots. I imagine so since they will continue arriving until there are enough to claim victory over Dr. Oz.

On November 1, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered that any general election ballots received in undated or incorrectly dated envelopes must be set aside and not counted by election boards.[2] Since then, another court has softened the verdict by allowing election officials to contact voters to correct the errors.[3] This, of course, will take a little time.

Obfuscation, deceit, and deception: the desiderata of the Democrat party.


8 November 2022

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