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Our Union is in a perilous state.  American assets attacked and our citizens taken hostage and/or killed in the Middle East by Muslim terrorists with no response from our government.  Our borders, controlled by Mexican Cartels, are open to all comers.  Drug and human trafficking conducted with impunity.  Major cities, such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, and Portland, are being destroyed by Marxist mayors.  Pro-Palestinian Nazis rioting in front of the White House without one peep of insurrection by the Socialist-Marxist Party in charge or the media.  A Woke administration and their flag officers at the Pentagon more concerned with gender fluidity and pronouns cannot make recruiting goals.  A government attempting to prosecute and jail a political opponent while determining who and who cannot be on the ballot … even Democratic contenders!  This can all be attributed to President Shadowbama and his desire to “fundamentally transform” America into a tyrannical Marxist sh*thole.  The fact that he is succeeding in this endeavor threatens to crush the national spirit of America and that of individual Americans.


            The effect of this tyranny on the human spirit was demonstrated by Dennis Miller’s appearance last night (16 Jan 24) on Hannity and Gutfeld.  Hannity invited and encouraged Miller to appear regularly on his show for Miller’s witty and pithy commentary, which many of us have enjoyed over the years.  But Miller declined, saying “I’m out.” He explained, in so many words, that the State of our Union and the world in general was such that he had decided, essentially, to retreat from society, and, as he said, “live life from the inside out.” Miller reiterated these comments on Gutfeld.  Moreover, he said he wished Donald Trump would show some humility, admit he has made some mistakes in life, and apologize.  In other words, provide SMP politicians and the Marxist media with plenty of ammunition to attack Trump over the next ten months.


            My first inclination was to call out Miller as a whining Woosie-man wallowing in self-pity; a RINO advocating Trump provide an opening for the SMP and Nikki Haley to exploit.  Upon reflection, however, I believe a collapsing America and a world that is reminiscent of Europe and Asia in the 1930s has created a moral and ethical dilemma so depressing that it has overwhelmed and annihilated his spirit to resist it.


Thankfully, there is a cure for this dilemma, and it comes from an unlikely place, Hollywood.  Not the Hollywood of today, but of 1942.  Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid, was filmed from May to August 1942 and released nationwide in late January 1943.  It did quite well at the box office, reflecting America’s desperate need then, as now, for an uplifting story defying tyranny.


The story begins with Rick Blaine (Bogart) at his nightclub and gambling establishment, Café Americain, in Vichy (read:  French Nazis) controlled Casablanca.  A gun runner for the Ethiopian resistance to Italian invasion and a soldier with Republican forces against the Fascists during the 1936 Spanish Civil War, Blaine had become selfish, cynical, and demoralized about the world.  And about love.  Blaine met Ilsa Lund in Paris.  She believed her husband, Victor Laslow, a leader in the Czechoslovakian Resistance had been killed.  She and Blaine fell in love, but she jilted him mysteriously and without explanation just as the Nazis were entering the French capital.


And then, of all the gin joints in all the world, she and Victor walk into Rick’s one evening on their escape, hopefully, from Europe to America.  They needed letters of transit to depart Casablanca for Lisbon, but when a new Nazi overlord, Major Strasser, recognizes Laslow obtaining those letters became problematic.  Now, Ilsa is in love with both men and both men are in love with Ilsa.  This love triangle created the emotional tension between Rick, Ilsa, and Victor which is heightened when, serendipitously, Rick is given the letters of transit but will not sell them to Laslow.  In the end, Rick gave the letters to them, accompanies them to the airport, and killed Strasser to ensure Victor and Ilsa fly safely away.


So, how is this tale a cure for the overwhelming depression and demoralization caused by tyranny that is assassinating the American spirit?  Quite simply, it is through Victor Laslow’s intrepid determination and strength of character, even after a stint in a concentration camp, to fight and destroy the Nazis.  The disturbance he created in Rick’s Café in front of Strasser and his Nazi entourage by leading French patriots in the Marseillaise.  He continued to generate resistance while in Casablanca and barely escaped capture.  Laslow knew of Rick and Ilsa’s affair.  But love for his country and Ilsa was paramount even if death were the price.  He begged Rick to at least give the woman they loved the letters so she could be saved.  Victor Laslow rekindled Rick’s will and resolve to defeat evil and welcomed him back to the fight which he knew they would win.


Americans, we are in a fight against world-wide totalitarian tyranny not seen since the 1930s and 1940s.  Only this time it is being systematically conducted by our national and some state governments against Americans.  Like Victor Laslow, we must never surrender to Democratic Marxism.  Donald Trump is our Victor Laslow.  We must support him.  We must remain fearless and determined to ruthlessly destroy Democratic Marxism before our Constitutional Republic is gone.


In the movie Uncommon Valor (1983), veterans prepare to return to Vietnam to strike a prison camp and bring our men home.  Fitness training for this mission included a telephone pole chopping exercise.  Blaster (Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb) and young Ex-Marine Kevin Scott (Patrick Swayze) race against each other to bring the poles down.  Blaster finished first and Scott stopped chopping.  An infuriated Blaster dashed over, pushed Scott out of the way, and brought the pole down.  Looking hard at the youngster, Blaster said, “You don’t ever quit, boy.  Not when it’s for real.”


Marxist tyranny is for real in America.  We must never quit resisting.



                                                                        19 January 2024

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