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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Recently, an article was presented to America Turned Upside Down (ATUD) concerning the dangers of underage drinking and how parents could identify and perhaps correct this social problem (See: Underage alcohol consumption is not new. Indeed, this problem was seen centuries ago in the first asclepion (healing temple) in Greece.

In the modern world, however, the dangers of inebriation in public have been multiplied by technological advancements and societal changes, an increased world population with an accompanying increase in those who prey on the young, vulnerable, and naïve. Two tragedies from incapacitating intoxication and the failure of friends to intervene were presented earlier this year by my friend and colleague, Prometheus.[1]

Alcohol, of course, is but one of the many challenges encountered by teens and their parents. Marijuana has been known for over 40 years to be a destroyer of developing brains. Yet it has been approved for recreational use in 21 states. There have been calls to legalize other illicit drugs as well! In late 2021, the Rev. Al Sharpton advocated the legalization of drugs.[2] New York lawmakers have supported the permissive use of drugs which has “led to such previously unthinkable things as government-run shooting galleries; legal marijuana and an explosion in the weed-selling black market; vending machines that dispense safe-use drug kits and increasing calls for the legalization of psychedelic drugs.”[3] And on 29 August 2023, HHS Assistant Secretary, Mr. Rachel Levine, wrote to the DEA chief, Ms. Anne Milgram, recommending cannabis be removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act![4]

Fentanyl, of which a dose the size of a salt grain can kill, has been streaming across the border in pure form, in colorful candy-like shapes, and laced in other medications found online thanks to Shadow President, Barack Obama, now almost to the end of his third term, and his front man, alleged president Lyin’ Joe Biden. An open border and payouts from China and likely the Mexican drug cartels to Biden, perhaps Obama too, and God only knows how many Congressmen and Senators will ensure this ‘obamanation’ continues. And since when did ordering medication online become mainstream?

It must be horribly disheartening, indeed terrifying, for parents. Not only do they have to contend with head strong adolescents/teens, who are always liable to cave under peer-pressure at school and/or on social media, and online predators enticing youngsters like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but also the Obiden Marxist Regime and its adherents abetting and promoting illegal drugs to destroy American society.

Millennial parents, WAKE THE HELL UP! TO SAVE YOUR CHILDREN ENGAGE WITH THEM DAILY. It is the only way you will know what they are thinking and doing, what their problems are, and who they are friends with.

Moreover, use this word as much as required: NO. Indeed, HELL NO, NOT ON YOUR LIFE! may be a more effective expression to obtain their attention.

In an earlier day the catch phrase was “Just Say No to Drugs!” In addition to this simple to say and simple to do phrase all millennial and generation Y parents should add these phrases:

Just say no to peer-pressure. (Or as my mother would say, “If all your friends jumped off the Empire State Building, would you do it too?)

Never take pills or other drugs found online or given to you by your friends. Only physicians may prescribe drugs for you; only parents may give you over-the-counter medications.

No social media, period. Here is a phone which only allows you to call home, the police (they are your friends), fire department, and 911.

The internet is not your friend. Therefore, you may only use it for homework assignments, which we will monitor.

Use our home email address. We will let you know when emails come in for you.

Dinner is for discussing the day’s events with family. It does not involve iPhones or iPads. (From my experience in restaurants too many parents shove an iPad or iPhone in their children’s hands to keep them busy. Then those same couples pull out their own iPhones and conversation never occurs.)

Some readers may think these suggestions too draconian. None of them guarantee a perfect outcome. But only through daily parenting can the promiscuity and permissiveness of America’s current society be replaced by traditional American family and community values.


28 September 2023

[1] “Camaraderie, Brotherly Love, and Group Solidarity,” ATUD, 3 March 2023. [2] Calls for the legalization of drugs ignore the science | Letters - Chicago Sun-Times ( [3] [4]

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Completely agree. Most Parents appear to be more concerned with a friend rather than a parent. so many issues that could be corrected/avoided if parents were loving and good rather than friendly and kind. There is a distinction.

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