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It was difficult to follow the recent ballyhoo that went on with Republican Congressmen. None of the Republicans explained it very well and, of course, it was much too difficult for Fox News “journalists” to sort out and explain. The event has been claimed to be an example of American democracy in practice. I have come not to doubt this. If any of my readers do, then just look at how the Legacy Media, the charlatans of the news world, describe it. Leslie Stahl commented the “historic chaos in the House of Representatives … embarrassed not only a party, but an entire nation.”[1]Her words convinced me that the recent kerfuffle in the House was indeed as American as baseball. Democracy, unlike Socialism, Fascism, Marxism in any form, or Woke totalitarianism, is not always a lock step process. Our Founding Fathers knew that when they created it.

Ms. Stahl, you are the embarrassment, just like when President Trump challenged you about Hunter Biden’s laptop. You, and other odious hacks that parade as news journalists, run cover for the criminal Socialist/Marxist Biden Regime and, like those in that Regime, you hate America. You want it destroyed and replaced with an elitist totalitarian regime like Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Castro’s Cuba, and Maduro’s Venezuela.

However, Ms. Stahl, you are not like teats on a boar. No, ma’am! Indeed, you are quite useful. Your insightful commentary, and that of others such as Joy Reid, Jim Acosta, Dana Bash, and Rachel Maddow, always provides the absurd prevarication, the disingenuous verbal twist to a story, or the thinly veiled anti-American slur. This vile scat that you present as truthful news journalism is a warning beacon for Americans, who at times may doubt or worry about our Constitutional Republic, American culture, and/or the greatness of our Nation. A beacon that reminds us of the evil tyranny you advocate; and strengthens our resolve never to submit to it.


11 January 2023

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