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In a recent article in The Hill,[1] one far-Left hack writer opined that the Socialist-Marxist Party (SMP) is doubtful that the state of the economy will determine the outcome of the 2024 elections. The reason for this is that Bidenomics is working and Lyin’ Joe still has low approval ratings. This perplexed author continues, “At a time of ever-greater political polarization, when abortion rights is the hot election issue of the day and former President Trump continues to shadow and change the American political landscape, is it still the economy, stupid?”[2]

Only a Marxist elite or an idiot would lead with two unconnected prevarications in a discussion of the economy. Abortion rights are low on American’s list of election issues. And Trump is not shadowing, he is a clear and present danger for the SMP which our current president, Barack Obama, told Lyin’ Joe recently.[3] Moreover, Trump already changed the American political, social, economic, and international landscape for the better. Obama, using Biden as his front man, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and others are destroying that landscape to establish a Marxist Elite state.

BUT! Horror of horrors, even James Carville has begun to doubt himself because, as he told Wolf “Blinky” Blitzer, the “economy is quite good. Maybe it will kick in. And sometimes it takes a while for people to feel it.” However, Carville then told The Hill, he was upset that “Biden’s approval ratings remain stuck in the low 40s, even as unemployment is at a historic low and inflation has fallen.” He then stated, “The economic bounce back, it was had by any measure … but, for whatever reason, people are not connecting this, [they] don’t think that economy’s that good. To the extent they think it’s good, they’re not giving the president’s policies very much credit for it.”[4]

Carville’s final comment, “I can understand how these guys [in the White House] are disheartened. So you wonder … why this disconnect?,” revealed to God and everyone that the basic philosophy, the true essence of SMP thinking is elitist. SMP elites consider themselves more intelligent, more tolerant, caring, and benevolent, more aesthetically astute than most Americans. They believe that, because of these characteristics, they deserve to have large carbon footprints, e.g. private jets, gas appliances, air-conditioning, outside lights lighting up their acreage all night, and beef, while the rest of Americans do not. They live, or have lived, in not merely an un-American, but an anti-American world. They support a lying, evil, demented, criminal masquerading as President while Obama and his cronies transition America into a National Socialist or Marxist state bowing to the Chinese and Mexican cartels.

Mr. Carville, since you and others like you have abandoned America and Americans, let me explain the disconnect to you. First, the continuing Obiden regime, brought to us by a fraudulent election and bank rolled by George Soros and like-minded CEOs.

Second, being told we are domestic terrorists, bigots, and fascists when we disagree with the Obiden regime, the President’s Clown Cabinet, Deep State bureaucrats, or major corporations pushing a Woke agenda.

Third, being told Bidenomics is working. That is, bringing Americans out of the economic crisis created by the Obiden regime beginning with the oil and gas production shut down and followed by the supply shut down. When Americans go to the grocery, the shopping mall, and the gas station it is obvious inflation is still high. If you elites did these things for yourselves, you would see what I mean. Instead, you just lie to us.

Fourth, the Obiden regime has and continues to weaponize American institutions against the American people. The Departments of Justice and Treasury have become the U.S. Gestapo with the mission of harassing and/or hunting down domestic terrorists, that is, anyone who verbalizes disagreement with the Woke Marxist agenda. The Supreme Court is the current target of the Obiden mob. The Court did not adjudicate as the Woke Marxists wanted, so it must be destroyed.

Fifth, the continual obfuscation and outright cover-up of the Biden Crime Family while simultaneously creating fantasy crimes against President Trump. In true Stalinist fashion, you have found the man, now you just need to find the crime. It is clear to all Americans that Lyin’ Joe Biden has sold out America to China, perhaps the Ukraine, and I suspect the Mexican cartels, as they now brazenly operate on our side of the border. The entire Biden family – except for little Navy – has prospered. And now, the designated Special Investigator into Hunter’s crimes is the same prosecutor who conjured up the sweetheart deal to get him a get out of jail free card for the rest of his worthless life.

Finally, Mr. Carville, the fact that you Woke Marxist Elites flagrantly throw the above in our faces daily, with no intention of hiding your hatred of America, her institutions, and her people, is the reason for the disconnect.



121 August 2023

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