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Fall now embraces the country and winter looms, leaves are changing colors, frost will soon be on the pumpkins, and the scolding chirps of cobalt blue COVID Hoaxers permeates the land like the screeching of Nikki Haley at a Republican debate.

The wise old bird of the COVID Hoaxer flock is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of course. The same CDC that, in conjunction with the Rockcreek Troll, WHO, and NIH, lied to the American public, mainly by omission, and created a terrified and cowed population. And they are at it again!

The Rockcreek Troll (aka Li’l Ant’ny Fauci) has emerged from under his bridge to predict doom and gloom if masks are not immediately clapped over everyone’s mug despite evidence to the contrary.[1] Assisting him on the Internet are a variety of “investigative journalists” eager to revive the COVID terror.

Ms. Lauren Folks, who writes for Tipopedia, has taken unimpressive data from the CDC, implied a COVID variant Armageddon was brewing, and suggested Republican governorship was complicit. Ms. Folks tells us that the CDC says the

“newest COVID-19 variant is running rampant in the USA, but only in some states. A recent [CDC map] shows that while positive COVID tests have decreased slightly overall, there are certain areas where positivity rates are still higher than is considered safe … While [the CDC] cannot quantify how many home tests have been used, of the 50,579 nucleic acid and amplification tests that were taken last week, 14.3% were positive. And although it’s only by 0.1%, that positive test rating has fallen from the previous, which came in at 14.4%.”[2]

So, a variant which is not rampant across the US, but only in some states, where positive COVID tests have decreased from a whopping 14.3% – meaning that 85.7% of tests were negative – should cause us all to receive another experimental vaccine. Uh-huh.

Ms. Folks then recounted COVID testing in the CDC’s 10 regions of the country. Region six comprising Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana had a 17.3% positive test rate and an 82.3% negative test rate. Region seven – Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas, had a 16.4% positive rate and an 84.6% negative rate. Ms. Folks concluded that “These numbers prove that while COVID-19 is less of a problem than it was last week, and certainly less than last year, it’s still a prevalent and dangerous virus.”[3] Ms. Folks, when presented with chicken sh-t one is supposed to make chicken salad not more chicken sh-t!

Ms. Folks felt it was not enough to mislead the public on COVID. She abandoned CDC regions and looked at individual states to find the root cause of COVID transmission. She found that nine states have reported “much higher COVID-19 positivity than the national average.”[4] Moreover, her introspective gaze found that of those nine states – New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri, all but New Mexico “are governed by Republicans … [The] states with the lowest positivity rates last week were found in regions three and one. Most of which [but not all] are governed by Democratic politicians.”[5]

But, Ms. Folks, your article is entitled, “New Covid Variant Wreaks Havoc; These are the 9 States with the Highest Number of Cases,” and you never told us what the numbers were in those horrid Republican run states! Could it be you are engaging in Fau Chi, the art of lying by omission? Lauren darlin’, I suggest you stay away from anything to do with statistics and medicine they are beyond your ken. Perhaps medical fiction is your forte.

The pro-Marxist rag, Newsweek, has a Doomsday preacher in Mr. Matthew Impelli. He has used valuable CDC data to demonstrate that COVID deaths remain low with the highest morbidity in Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, and West Virginia. [3 of 4 (75%) governed by vaccine and mask denying Republicans!] Of course, during the 2020 pandemic, hospitals received 20% more insurance funding for every COVID case. So, who died from COVID rather than with COVID is unclear and makes for fraudulent morbidity statistics.[6]

Mr. John Wright, a bloviator for renowned news organization, Newsful, noted that 10 states are on alert for a highly mutated form, BA.2.86 (known as Pirola), of the Omicron variant and “health experts [at CDC] are cautiously monitoring its emergence.”[7] However, Mr. Wright does not suggest a reason for cautious monitoring, perhaps Pirola dislikes the CDC as much as the rest of us. In any event, Pirola has been reported in Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. (70% Democrat run states, Lauren!) “But the variant hasn’t infected enough people to show up among the major subvariants the CDC is tracking.”[8] So, why are they tracking it, cautiously or otherwise?

Mr. Wright continued by stating that the “most prevalent subvariants circulating now” are EG.5 (Eris) 25%, FL.1.5.1 (Fornax) 14%, and XSBB.1.16 (Arcturis) 10%. But hold the phone! “The diversity is less than what it appears,” according to Natalie Thornburg of the CDC’s Coronaviruses and Other Respiratory Viruses Division, and “it’s too soon to tell if Pirola will be of any significant circulation.”[9] Another so-called expert, said Pirola “might cause more intense symptoms,”[10] while another said “there’s no data [currently] on symptoms associated with infection because case numbers are just too small.”[11] Other so-called experts, however, are warning of a “Tripledemic” of COVID, the flu, and RSV. And, therefore, everyone over 6 months should get another experimental vaccine that only “appears to generate a strong immune response.”[12]

Soon after Mr. Wright published another article, “COVID Symptoms Have Changed,” in Newsful quoting a physician as that COVID symptoms have become milder and “increasingly difficult to distinguish from the common cold or flu.”[13]

Another purveyor of Marxist latrine-o-grams, Mr. Joseph Lysikatos, titled a recent article “Florida’s COVID Hospitalizations Soar as DeSantis Administration Urges People Under 65 Not to Get Newly Approved Boosters” in Mama Say What?[14] In that article Mr. Lysikatos stated, as fact mind you, that

“At a time when the state grapples with a surge in hospital admissions, the decision by DeSantis’ hand-picked surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo, to discourage those under 65 from receiving mRNA boosters has drawn sharp criticism from the medical community. As of the week ending on September 9th, Florida’s hospitalization rate stood at 10.65 per 100,000 residents, surpassing Washington, D.C., and Arkansas. This unsettling statistic translates to approximately 2,280 individuals hospitalized for Covid-related health issues in the Sunshine State.”

Actually, it is 10.58 per 100,000. Which indeed is 2280 individuals in a state of 21.54 million residents. Mr. Lysikatos, your ideological bias is only superceded by your ignorance. A hospitalization rate of 10.65 per 100,000 is not unsettling, particularly in light of the out-of-control testing which has accompanied COVID. No other disease is tested in the manner of COVID because it is epidemiologically unsound. You, Ms. Folks, and Mr. Wright must have received your epidemiological and statistical certificates out of a Cracker Jack box.

Ms. Brooke Steinberg, writing for the New York Post, presented interesting polling data on the COVID vaccine. The data shows the country split on the new jab, 46% will or probably will get it; 52% would not or probably would not receive it. Moreover, most parents will not allow their children to be immunized as recommended by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.[15]

So, what does the Rockcreek Troll think of this variant vaccine conundrum, this COVID kerfuffle? Unsurprisingly, the same man who suppressed journal articles suggesting that COVID leaked from the Wuhan lab,[16]the same man that coerced the CIA to cover Fauci’s role in supporting gain of function research in Wuhan with U.S. tax dollars lest he be held responsible for the pandemic,[17]speaks, yet again, with a forked tongue!

In a February 2023 article in the prestigious journal Cell Host and Microbe, Rockcreek and a couple of NAIAD colleagues wrote that the COVID vaccines were “suboptimal.” Indeed, they stated that Influenza A and SARS-CoV-2, among other respiratory viruses “have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines.”[18]Moreover, the Norfolk Group, a collection of leading critics of COVID policy described “multiple shortcomings of COVID vaccines, along with harms inflicted by policies based on erroneous assumptions that the vaccines prevent infection and transmission.”[19]

Yet, Rockcreek and his conniving colleagues, while admitting these vaccines are suboptimal and have been unsuccessful in stopping infections and control pandemics, simultaneously assure the public that experimental COVID vaccines “saved innumerable lives and helped to achieve early partial pandemic control.”[20]

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


5 October 2023

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