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Biden’s remark to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R- Ga.) concerning testimony to Congress by Rebecca Kiessling, whose sons Caleb and Kyler died from fentanyl overdoses,

“That fentanyl they took came during the last administration,” followed by an unfeeling chuckle is revelatory.[1] An insecure person, with only average intelligence at best, a racist with no political savvy, Biden chose bold (and always disproven) lies to impress half-wits gullible enough to listen and vote for him. He has sold his soul, and America, to the highest bidders. Now, demented, confused, and incontinent, he lies with rage and creepy whispers. A pathetic excuse for a human being, if he were not so evil, he could be pitied.

Mrs. Kiessling you will never get an apology from Biden and those in the shadow government. Your heartfelt plea for Congress to act will likely never materialize. Why such a gloomy prediction? Because if Biden were going to apologize to you and the country, if Congress were to act, THEY WOULD HAVE DONE SO ALREADY.

Why has our government not responded to the fentanyl crisis? Well, as we are finding out, two years too late, Biden and his family are owned by the Chicoms, the producers of fentanyl. How many Senators and Congresspersons also are owned by the Chinese. Senator Barbara Feinstein and Representative Eric Swalwell certainly have cozy relationships with Chicom spies. And, it has been suggested that Representative Judy Chu (D-CA) has closer than appropriate ties with the Chicoms. The whining, faux indignant response from Chu and her supporters makes me think the accusation probably has some truth in it as they protest too much.[2]

What of fentanyl distributors, the Mexican drug cartels? Apparently, they control, that is, own, our southern border. Fentanyl, dressed up as a variety of other drugs, is flowing into America like a drug tsunami. And, unlike other drugs, it is producing fatalities among all age groups foolish enough to consume illicit drugs. To recap, the Chicoms and Mexican drug cartels are murdering Americans with fentanyl and NEITHER BIDEN NOR CONGRESS OFFER ANY RESISTANCE. This only makes sense if Biden, who recently visited Mexico City, and significant numbers of Senators and Congresspersons are also owned by Mexican drug cartels.

So, what is to be done? In the book and movie, A Clear and Present Danger, Tom Clancy gave the appropriate method of dealing with the drug cartels. And, if those smuggling drugs and dealing in human trafficking, the so-called “mules”, knew death would be the price if caught, then these activities would decline sharply. But do not hold your breath until this happens.

Of course, parents must not be left out of the equation. It appears from the continual drug deaths among adolescents and young adults, as well as the suicides from bullying at school and online, that parents have abdicated their custodial, supervisory, and mentorship roles to teachers and their unions, the American medical profession, which advocates useless COVID vaccination and gender-affirming care and genital mutilation of our children, and the internet.

Bullies will be with us always and, like the cowards that they are, they travel in packs and attempt to cull out the weak from the herd. At school, physical confrontation, like it or not, is the only defense against bullies. The stronger students should intervene when the weak are isolated by cowards and give them hell. Social media bullying is different, I do not understand it. All one must do is ignore the tweet, Instagram, email, etc. Why are parents not instilling common sense, self-confidence, and moral/ethical maxims and reasoning in their children? Instead, they let them grow up mentally and physically weak, easy prey for the bullies of the world. For some of these lost souls the only escape is by suicide.

Some mentally and physically weak adolescents appear to find solace in drugs or fail to fend off peer pressure, which is just bullying by your friends, to experiment with them. Experimenting with drugs, illicit or not, has been and remains a dangerous pastime. Indeed, more dangerous today with the availability of many pharmaceuticals online, some of which are laced with fentanyl. Again, I do not get it. Rule of Thumb: DO NOT take any medications not prescribed by a physician. Having unfettered access to the internet is a clear and present danger for adolescents and young adults. Predators of all varieties lie hidden on the internet. Why are parents not discussing the dangers of, and methods to resist, peer pressure with their children? Why do they provide their children with iPhones and iPads with no supervision whatsoever? Indeed, why do they not … dare I say it … RESTRICT the way and times those devices can be used? Afterall they are the parents.

Socialist/Marxist politicians and deep state bureaucrats quickly turned the COVID pandemic into a political weapon to save the asses of Anthony Fauci and other gain-of-function researchers and destroy America. Schools, which had been teaching Woke virtues, such as CRT and pornography, rather than the three R’s, began virtual classes with children at home. These brilliant, self-righteous elite totalitarians failed to realize parents could see the lies and filth they were spoon feeding our children. Parents across the country began uniting and fighting against the disgusting ideologies of the Democrat Party WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL ASSISTANCE. This grassroots movement became so terrifying to Biden’s corrupt regime that he sent the American Gestapo after these “domestic terrorists,” but in vain.

Like the primary and secondary education issue, the fight against adolescent and young adult drug acquisition and usage, as well as bullying, must begin with the parents. Instilling common sense, reasoning, self-confidence, a moral/ethical code of conduct, and feelings of humanity and compassion for others creates a physically and mentally strong person with tremendous character. A person who can identify and resist bullies at school, on the internet, or in our government.


5 March 2023

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