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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In 7 November article I wrote, “Most of our universities and colleges, and many high schools, have become Marxist Indoctrination Centers where antisemitism and anti-Americanism are part of the core curriculum, and the 1st Amendment no longer exists.  After Hamas raped, butchered, and burned 1,400 Israelis on 7 October, some of our “prestigious” university campuses erupted with pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, antisemitic, and anti-American rallies. How did universities, particularly Harvard and UPenn grow into bastions of anti-Semitic and anti-American thought?  What financial support, and from whom, did they receive to indoctrinate children into the philosophy of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin?”


Financial support came from Middle Eastern countries that hate Jews and America and some prominent members of the American Jewish community.  Jews that are now shocked that anti-semitism, anti-Americanism, and pro-Nazi/Marxist philosophies have been flourishing for some years on campuses of “higher learning.”


More shocking, however, were the testimonies of Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology presidents when asked by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) if calling for Jewish genocide violated the code of conduct at these schools; would it be considered harassment?  For a moment there was silence as the three women … no, no, these three females; women they are not … contemplated how to answer a simple yes or no question.


Then, scowling UPenn president Liz Magill responded, “If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment, yes.  It is a context-dependent decision.”[1]Harvard President Claudine Gay found her voice and her balls saying, “When speech crosses into conduct, we take action.” And, MIT President Sally Kornbluth said that such language would only be “investigated as harassment if pervasive and severe.”[2]She did not provide her definition of pervasive and severe.


Not only members of Congress, but the entire sane world could hardly believe their ears.  I bet if I stood on any of those campuses and shouted “All transgenders, other queers, and blacks, particularly the fat ones, should be killed,” I would be either immediately beaten to death or charged with hate speech and jailed.  But calling for the death of all Jews, supporting the rape, torture, and murder of Jewish women?  Calling for intifada.  No problem, not the right context.


Of course, a couple days after the Congressional debacle, the three twits provided their mia culpas, sort of.  Only Gay’s photo accompanied a meaningless written apology – “I’m sorry, words matter”[3] – as she could not bring herself to tell a lie.  Magill, sans a scowl, went on the air with a sorry-ass, hypocritical explanation that only magnified her arrogance and disdain for Jews and America.  As for Kornbluth, the MIT executive committee declared their president had their “full and unreserved support.  She has done excellent work in leading our community, including in addressing antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hate, all of which we reject utterly at MIT.”[4]


So, what has the fallout been from the odious conduct of these three females?  Gay and Kornbluth are still in presidential chairs.  Magill has resigned but remains on the law school faculty to continue teaching Marxist ideology.  Scott Bok, Chairman of the UPenn Board of Trustees has also been forced to resign, presumably because he was not a very trusty trustee.


And what of donor outrage?  Marc Rowan said he would halt donations if Magill and Bok were not removed from office.  Financier Ross Stevens would rescind the $100 million donation if Magill remained in office.  And, Ronald Lauder, of Estee Lauder, sent a letter that he was “reconsidering future gifts.”[5] Well, Bok is gone and Magill has only been put in another UPenn corner.  I bet the money keeps flowing in.


To his credit, Bill Ackman has called for all three presidents to resign stating their Congressional testimony responses were “morally bankrupt.”[6]Indeed, profoundly so.


            But take heart America, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR), in conjunction with the continued efforts of our Liar-in-Chief, is taking “aggressive action to address the alarming nationwide rise in reports of antisemitism, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, and other forms of discrimination and harassment on college campuses and in K-12 schools since the October 7 Israel-Hamas conflict.”[7]The OCR has “released a list of the higher education and K-12 institutions under investigation for alleged shared ancestry violations of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI), which prohibits race, color, or national origin discrimination, including harassment based on a person’s shared ancestry or ethnic characteristics.”[8]


            The list, which goes on for 70 pages, is quite impressive.  However, the Democratic Party has never been interested in civil rights, particularly of black and conservative Americans.  So I remain skeptical that atrocities committed on Israelis in October have awakened Clown Cabinet member Miguel Cardona to the violations of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which Dems did not support.  What is a “shared ancestry violation” anyway?  Is that like marrying your first cousin?  This sounds like feigned shock and outrage with a patina of do-gooderism intended to waste taxpayer money and increase bureaucratic regulations.


            And speaking of feigned shock and outrage, it only took Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillebrand, and some other female twit whose name I cannot remember two months to figure out which way the political wind was blowing on the issue of raping, beating, and murdering Israeli women.  Once they figured out that being for the rape and torture of Jewish women wasn’t a winning ticket, they came out against it.  Hillary will grasp any topic to have some relevance.  Gillibrand is up for re-election in 2024.


            But then, no other women’s groups, nor the UN or WHO have uttered a word of disapproval, let alone condemnation, of Palestinian atrocities.


10 December 2023

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