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This just in for the America Turned Upside Down news staff. Apparently, Toyota and General Motors have been collaborating once again to make a more efficient electric car that has a longer battery life between charges. For the past three years, an attempt to cross a Prius with a Prizm has kept automotive innovators at the two companies quite busy.

But the result was less than promising. The first 2024 Priapizm rolled off the assembly line last week to a skeptical Toy-GeM audience. Although quite solid, the new four-door sedan lacked length and girth for a family of four. Moreover, the battery expended its charge in ten minutes! However, recharging took only twenty minutes, a feature that would gain approval from potential female buyers. Interestingly, road tests demonstrated the Priapizm handled better on wet rather than dry surfaces.

ATUD news staff have attempted to speak with Toy-GeM officials and have been instructed to see Alice tomorrow.

ATUD News Staff

11 October 2023

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