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The moderately conservative Fox News network continues to point out the failures of the Biden Administration without asking why these failures are being tolerated by the American people. Fox journalists, and is use that term loosely, do not appreciate that Biden is not failing, he is succeeding just as he promised. It appears that Americans have stepped aside for the Woke Marxists. How has Biden succeeded? Let us count the ways.

1. American oil and gas production stopped. Inflation and supply problems guaranteed.

2. Southern border – and now the Northern – opened wide to all comers. Fentanyl and a growing population dependent upon government funding provided by taxes from the non-elites.

3. The Green Agenda. No longer Global Warming, but Climate Change. It will be solved by everyone owning an EV. Oh, our electrical grids will not support that. Not to worry, just use public transportation or stay home. Stop eating meat, cows are destroying our atmosphere; eat bugs and lab produced “meat” instead.

4. Elementary Education. Use the classroom to separate children from their parents. This is an old tactic used successfully by Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and others. Woke Marxists have used the Covid hoax to keep children out of the classroom, gender confusion through suggestion, racist and socialist theory, and the FBI (the American Gestapo) to accomplish the task and keep parents from interfering.

5. Crime. There is no punishment for criminals in Woke Marxist cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. They steal and murder at will.

6. Military Weakness. Our military services cannot meet their annual recruit quota. Funding is not sufficient to maintain readiness and Wokeism is advocated by flag officers not worth the powder and lead to blow them to hell and back.

7. Censorship. The Biden attack on the 1st Amendment, indeed the entire U.S. Constitution,[1]with the assistance of Big Tech, the Legacy Media, and a shameless Medical Profession is astounding. The Covid Hoax they created demonstrated how easily Americans will give up their Constitutional right to worship and free speech. And just yesterday, Biden announced that efforts will be made to remove student religious groups from university campuses.[2]

These are some of the successes of Biden, his Clown Cabinet, the DOJ, EPA, NIH, and other deep state functionaries, that is, unelected bureaucrats who daily usurp the authority of the U.S. Congress. Successes which were promised during the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Again, all those who voted for Biden, assisted in the fraudulent election that brought his Woke Marxist agenda into the White House, and support him today, a great big thank you!

This success in destroying America and American society, to achieve a two-tiered totalitarian state composed of elitists, who have, do, and say whatever they want, and the ignorant, unwashed masses who do not have and silently do what they are told, is emboldening the Woke Marxist Biden regime daily.

Recently, Americans watched a Chicom spy balloon maneuver through a few western states over military installations of interest, not shot down due to potential casualties on the ground, then sailed southeast until off the coast of South Carolina where the Chicoms told Biden he could shoot it down.[3] This was called a Biden Regime failure when it demonstrated to the world Biden’s obsequiousness to Xi Jin Ping. The following week Americans were entertained with our military demonstrating their ability to locate and shoot down innocuous balloons over land with no concern for casualties whatsoever. An international drama followed by a chintzy melodrama staged by an elitist Woke Marxist regime that considers the rest of us too stupid to recognize their arrogance and condescension.

More recently, a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in the small Ohio town of East Palestine. The 50 car pile-up followed by explosions, fire, and toxic smoke has left the town and surrounding area devastated. Did our Transportation Secretary show any interest in this disaster or town of 4,761 souls? No. Did investigators from the EPA make tracks for eastern Ohio? No. Did the Norfolk Southern CEO make immediate plans to visit East Palestine? No. Did our alleged President address this tragedy? Not for three weeks.

Can anyone fail to comprehend that Biden’s seven successes reviewed above were planned and implemented to destroy America? Can anyone in America, indeed in the entire world, fail to recognize the utter contempt that Biden and his Woke Marxist regime have for America and Americans? It is being blatantly displayed every day.

Time is running out for Americans to perceive and push back on Biden and Woke Marxist tyranny.


22 February 2023

[1] See “The Constitution is Not Absolute,” PROMETHEUS, 15 July 2022. [2] [3] See “Joe Biden: Alleged U.S. President and Vassal of Xi Jin Ping,” PROMETHEUS, 5 February 2023.

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