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Conservative Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians all, lend me your ear! If you have not noticed THERE IS A TREMENDOUS EFFORT BEING MADE TO KEEP DONALD TRUMP FROM A SECOND TERM!

President Obiden and the current Marxist regime that is in power at the national and state levels, the Legacy and Conservative (Fox is owned by a totalitarian and many commentators there are elitist Republicans) media, deep state bureaucrats, academia, most corporate CEOs, and the shameful American medical profession are terrified of Trump because he will immediately put the skids on their elitist totalitarian desires. And this time will be more devastating to all of them than before.

So, it is no surprise that Marxist knives are out. Moreover, Obama wants a fourth term as the Constitution has not been completely destroyed yet. What is surprising it that Establishment Republicans (RINOs, Bush Republicans, Never Trumpers, etc.) are aligning themselves with the Marxists to ensure Trump is defeated. Indeed, they are coalescing into an energetic junta of Trump backstabbers. Some of these are well known: Liz Cheney, Adam Kitzinger, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Will Hurd, the late John McCain, and Karl Rove.

Newcomers to the Benedict Arnold wing of the Republican Party can be found gushing Trump hatred on many news networks. The Cable News Network (CNN) loves to host these Party traitors. Former Arkansas Governor and bored ex-politician Asa Hutchinson told one CNN twit recently that Trump may not be qualified to be president by virtue of the 14th Amendment. Why not say he is not qualified, Asa? Not enough RINOs piling on yet or are you just a useless chickensh-t?

When asked by the same CNN twit if Trump should get out of the race, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, said he thought so because Trump will lose to Joe Biden according to the current polls. Honestly, Bill, not only do you have the face of a creepy used car salesmen but you talk like one too. How blatantly stupid does one have to be to think Joe Biden will be the Socialist-Marxist candidate? The Criminal-in-Chief is not merely a lame duck, he is a dead one. Moreover, current polling of any Socialist-Marxist vs. Republican candidates has no meaning. It is only something news opinionators (think Bill Hemmer) do to keep from producing meaningful news.

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a very blue RINO or he would never have been elected commented that Chris Christy is the guy to watch. Larry, you are such an irrelevant loser; shut up and go play with your Marxist friends.

Fox News enjoys giving Karl Rove and his White Board, Marc Thiessen, and Andy McCarthy lots of oxygen to spread anti-Trump messaging. McCarthy has told the RNC that they will lose everything if Trump is nominated and faces Biden. Why can’t Trump win according to McCarthy? Because a Legacy Media Network (ABC) did a poll that found 65% of Republicans would not back him. Come on, Andy. You are not supposed to be on the side of the Marxists! You have been around long enough to know that Biden will not be the nominee. Also, FOX provides an abundance of airtime to Chris Cristy, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Which brings us to the usual harem of Republican presidential candidates.

The front runner, our once and future president, is Donald Trump. This appears to be a fact the news media and Establishment Republicans cannot grasp. Even if the polls are a little off, Trump is leading by a huge margin. Karl Rove has attempted to deny this by saying that polling after the Trump indictments shows that his loyal base is only about one-third of what it was before. Somehow, I cannot believe that fraudulent indictments have such an effect. Seriously, 91 indictments, some felonious for Trump but only misdemeanors for others. Instigating an “armed insurrection” because he questioned an election, expressing his 1st Amendment rights? (By the way no guns found on the insurgents). If Americans stand by for this we may as well vote on whether we want a hammer and sickle or a swastika on Old Glory.

Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Larry Elder are all good, honest men. The media is working overtime to declare DeSantis irrelevant, but a Trump-DeSantis ticket is a winner. A Trump-Scott ticket could also be a winner. If Scott rises in the polls watch the Establishment Republicans love him as the man to beat Trump and lose to the Socialist-Marxist candidate. Ramaswamy and Elder are probably hoping to win cabinet positions.

Let’s not forget South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. She defied our medical Lord and Savior Ant’ny Fauci, the CDC, and Biden’s corrupt regime, and kept her state free of most COVID lock downs. If she decides to join the race, she will be vilified by the press and Establishment Republicans alike. But, a Trump-Noem ticket could be a winner.

Nikki Haley showed her elite Establishment Republican roots when she told Disney’s CEO that if he did not like living under Governor DeSantis, she would be happy to have Disney World in South Carolina. That is all we need to know about her.

This brings us to “Milk Toast” Mike Pence, Chris “The Crisco Cowboy” Christy, and Will “The Turd” Hurd. “Milk Toast” Mike, who would not go to dinner with another woman unless his wife was there to chaperon and does not know how to pump gas, is putting a shiv in Trump’s back while trying to look like a choir boy. “Crisco Cowboy” Chris – the fattest candidate for president since William Howard Taft and likely to replace the elephant as the Republican mascot – called Trump a coward for not joining the Republican debate. Not much finesse there, Crisco. Try to emulate your Hoosier colleague a little more. And Will Hurd. You joined the Republican charge to impeach Trump. You, like Cheney and Kitzinger, are an elite Establishment Republican SOB, a narcissistic fraud, and a backstabber.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, and businessman Perry Johnson have also thrown their hats in the ring. Yes, I know, WHO?

And some are pushing Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin to run. Glen, when you put the Confederate statues back in Richmond. When I see Stonewall Jackson looking at Jackson Arch in VMI’s Old Barracks, that is when I will take you seriously, that is when I might begin to believe you have the balls to be president. You don’t impress me much.

Honestly, with the exceptions of Trump, DeSantis, Scott, Ramaswamy, and Noem, none of these candidates could draw flies if they held their rallies in a privy. Moreover, with those same exceptions, the rest of these candidates remind me of the song “Back Stabbers” by the O’Jays in 1972:

“They smile in your face, All the time they want to take your place, Backstabbers.

“Smilin’ faces, smiling faces sometimes tell lies, Backstabbers.”


22 August 2023

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