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Over the past week or two, the primary aim of the Socialist/Marxist Party (SMP, aka Democrats) has been put on full display in the halls of Congress: completely abolish the 1st Amendment. Indeed, a Marxist state cannot function if freedoms guaranteed in that amendment are allowed to flourish. Neither can a two-tiered system of justice, which, by definition, will abrogate the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments as well.

Testimony from IRS agents Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler presented irrefutable evidence that the White House, Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS colluded to protect the Biden crime family from prosecution for bribery before the 2020 elections. Prominent in that hearing was the fact that Lyin’ Joe Biden has said three times that he never discussed business with Hunter. In an effort to entrap Mr. Shapley, House Democrat Dan Goldman provided evidence that Biden had indeed been told by Hunter of business dealings![1] Perhaps the Dems will ask Goldman to censor himself or become a Republican.

Late this week Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley added the coup de gras to the Biden family crimes cover-up by making FD-1023 public. A document, if you remember, that did not exist, then could not be found, then would be shown to a small group of Congressmen behind closed doors.

Democrat Presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and former New York Post editor Emma-Jo Morris testified before a Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government (who would have ever thought such a group would be needed in America?) concerning government and Marxist Legacy Media censorship. When Kennedy’s opening statement went over allowed time the Democrat ranking member, Virgin Islands Delegate Stacey Plaskett, interrupted him saying he had gone on too long. In response, GOP Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio commented that “We’re pretty relaxed with this,” and witnesses frequently are allowed the time they need for opening statements. Plaskett then suggested Jordan should “threaten the witness so that they can not want to be a witness.”[2] Jordan told her she could stop him, that is, censor Kennedy but she declined. Recognizing her teammate lacked the courage required to stifle RFK, Jr., Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz jumped into the fray accusing Kennedy of racist comments and demanding a motion to conduct the hearings in executive session, that is, behind closed doors to censor Kennedy from the public. This motion was voted down.

Plaskett and Wasserman-Schultz were so incensed I thought for a moment their heads might begin spinning like over-stimulated Fembots and explode, or they might take to their brooms and, shrieking “we demand censorship!,” disappear in a cloud of dark vapor. Like his politics or not, one can only applaud Kennedy’s manful and inspirational defense of our 1st Amendment and himself. He never gave an inch to these two Marxist witches.

Ms. Morris’ sinned by publishing a series of stories concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. Twitter, Facebook, Politico, and others not only censored these articles, but claimed they were Russian disinformation. Morris testified that “No one denies that the laptop is real and the origin story is exactly what I told you it was … This elaborate censorship conspiracy wasn’t because the information being reported was false, it was because it was a threat to the power centers in this country. What this relationship between the U.S. government and American corporations represent is an unprecedented push to undermine the first amendment, the right to think, write, read, say whatever we want. And how we respond will determine whether we see a free press as inalienable or optional.”[3]

Ms. Morris’ statement ties these two Congressional hearings neatly together. It is also a preamble to describing SMP desperation to maintain power as the 2024 elections approach.

Whistleblowers exposing corruption, Trump, DeSantis, Kennedy, and a potential third party that almost assuredly will pull votes from the SMP are shaking the foundations of our Post-Constitutional Marxist regime. A regime that understands very well that only about 33-34% of the country continues to faithfully support them.[4]

What is the SMP to do? As Cassandra wrote, and I agree, in her 10 July America Turned Upside Down (ATUD) post, Joe Biden will not be the candidate, neither will Kackling Kamala. RFK, Jr. will never be selected because he stated unequivocally, he will prosecute Fauci, which would expose more SMP lies, corruption, and cover-ups. The potential candidates that seem plausible are Gavin Newsome, Michelle Obama, Gretchen Whitmer, Cornel West, Amy Klobuchar, and don’t forget Andrew Cuomo. Pothole Pete Buttigieg, Stacy Abrams, and Elizabeth Warren have also been mentioned apparently for comic relief.[5] But none of these folks will ever garner enough support to keep whoever is running the country in power.

The SMP has no choice but to conduct another fraudulent election as they did in 2020. Early voting, ballot harvesting, stuffing ballot boxes, rigging voting machines, tampering with election results, and canvassing cemeteries were, I believe the main tactics for Biden’s “win.” Well Americans, if you wish to destroy the Marxist takeover of America, I ask what are you prepared to do? And remember Marxists, Nazis, fascists, totalitarians DO NOT LOSE ELECTIONS!

We must use their own tactics against them. And no, we will not become like them in the process. No more than the embattled farmers became like the British they fought along the Concord to Charlestown Road on 19 April 1775. No more than Americans became like the Nazi regime they did so much to destroy.

Becoming a Marxist, Nazi, fascist, or totalitarian is impossible for an American.


22 July 2023

[1] [2] [3] [4] Watch the polling that asks who supports Biden. For sometime it has been at best 34%. [5]

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