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Did any of you see the latest pro-America protest?  No?  That is because there wasn’t one.  However, you may have seen:


         The continued thousands of illegal aliens flooding into our country raping women and children and selling them into slavery, terrorists by the score, and drugs.


Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) recommended – with a straight face no less – giving citizenship in exchange for military service to illegal aliens, arguing it would enhance national security!


            Pro-Nazi Palestinians – one of them caught on the news held up a cell phone showing the Nazi flag – raging on campuses and in our streets yelling for the extermination of Israel and all Jews.


            Three female university presidents who could not say no to Jewish genocide and surprisingly one of them was black!  Did any of them lose their jobs? No. (Magill is still on the UPenn payroll as tenured law professor).


            At the Cop28 climate change hysteria conference in Dubai, Al Gore (our version of Joseph Goebbels, although he looks more like Hermann Göring) declared that Americans having access to information other than that of the mainstream media is a threat to “democracy” and social media algorithms are the “digital equivalent of AR-15s – they ought to be banned, they really ought to be banned!”[1]In other words, Americans should only be permitted to hear government approved propaganda. Such was life in Nazi Germany … and the post-war German Democratic Republic.  If memory serves, it was neither very democratic nor a republic.


            Christopher Wray, American Gestapo chief (our answer to Heinrich Himmler) stated before Congress that the threat of terrorist activity is a clear and present danger.  Thanks, Chris, where were you three years ago?  And how about that unlicensed Chinese biolab with genetically engineered mice in Fresno County, CA that the Gestapo was unaware of?  Oh, right, when your agents are out chasing traditional Catholics, parents who disagree with Woke Marxist school boards, and pro-lifers it is difficult for them to do their real jobs.


            Obama’s puppet, the lying, criminal Joe Biden, continues to put college loans on the backs of the American working class.


            Sen. Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) stated publicly that he has not seen any evidence of Biden family corruption.  Oh, Mitt, you useless, odious sh-t, open your eyes.  Thanks again, Utah!

            And Sen. E. “Pocahontas” Warren (Wingnut-MA) is relieved to see the Federal Trade Commission going after one of the real threats to democracy, a Sandwich Shop Monopoly.  Why?  Because it will increase food prices and, I guess, preclude Americans from making sandwiches.  Sen. Warren is always available for comic relief, but she remains a dangerous Marxist none the less.

            Why are Americans not out in the streets protesting the current tyrannical Woke Marxist government?  If cowardly ANTIFA thugs can beat up anyone in their way with impunity; if BLM and their supporters can burn down cities; and Palestinians can clog our campuses and streets screaming for Jewish genocide and terrorizing Jewish students with the approval of the university president, administration, and faculty, then why cannot real Americans at least protest against a tyrannical government.  Unless I am mistaken we still have that piece of our 1st Amendment.  Indeed, as North American colonists and British citizens, we protested before our Constitution existed.


            Britain’s efforts to fill her depleted coffers after the Seven Years War (1756-1763) – called the French and Indian War here in the colonies – led to a variety of tax acts on her American colonies.  Denied representation in Parliament, our colonial ancestors, particularly in Boston, became indignant.  During that era, Boston, Massachusetts, and all of New England were not the Woke Marxist enclaves they are today.  No indeed!  Bostonians PROTESTED! The Sons of Liberty was organized by men, such as Dr. Joseph Warren, Sam Adams, Paul Revere, and others, to lead the resistance to tyranny.  And they did so at the risk not only of their personal liberty, but also their lives.  They conducted the Boston Tea Party, directed the alarm given by Paul Revere, William Dawes, and other riders that British Regulars were on their way to seize the magazine at Concord, and, among others, stood firm at Lexington, Concord, and Breed’s Hill.


            The Revolutionary era Sons of Liberty are long gone.  Regrettably, there appear to be no pro-American organizations to stand up and




            Americans, we better hurry.  Soon it will be too late.




                                                                                    12 December 2023


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