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This ATUD installment will be brief because none of us here could explain the desperate straits in which America finds itself in 2024 as well as three commentators did recently.


            Professor Victor David Hanson suggested that we “brace ourselves for what is coming in 2024” in a ten-minute podcast with Citizen Free Press.  It is typical, spot on, honest commentary from VDH.  It can be found at:


            On 14 February, Dan Bongino presented on his morning show, “This Will Blow Up the Deep-State’s War on Trump,” (Ep.2187).  It is an excellent exposé of how Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Brennan at the CIA created lies and deception about Trump, fed it to the FBI, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to conduct surveillance (yes, Dems that is spying) on the Trump Campaign.  Treason which brought about a fraudulent 2020 election.


            This morning, 18 February, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed, on Mornings with Maria Bartoromo, all the issues that the Socialist-Marxist Party, led by Obama, Soros, Sen. Schumer, the New York and Georgia judiciary, and others, has done to destroy American society, culture, and economy to maintain power.  They support the child sex-trafficking, rape of women, terrorist infiltration, and drug influx – which has killed over 100,000 Americans – occurring at our border.  They support a weaponized DOJ and IRS to surveil Americans.  They ignore the U.S. Constitution with impunity.  And as we heard from Jane Fonda and former CIA Director, Michael Hayden, some months ago, Democrats also support assassination.[1] The euphemistically called Democrats will STOP AT NOTHING TO MAINTAIN POWER.


            I encourage you to listen to each of these presentations.


            We must re-elect Donald Trump.  We must elect or re-elect Representatives and Senators who have America’s best interest at heart and take control of the House and Senate.  Texans beware:  the Soros family is gunning for Cruz and anyone else who gets in the way of an Obama dictatorship and a Marxist America.


            My prediction is that, if Trump is re-elected and Republicans control both Houses of Congress then there will be no civil war.  If the Democrats assassinate Trump or another fraudulent election occurs with Obama maintaining power, then civil war will follow.



                                                                                    18 February 2024

[1]  See ATUD article, “DEMS SAY, ASSASSINATION IS A-OKAY,” 16 October 2023.

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