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Since the fraudulent 2020 election brought the Socialist/Marxist Party to power. Americans have seen a full-blown attack on God, our nation, our culture, society, and values. The raw hatred for America and Americans in the actions and words of our odious, alleged President have never been experienced by this nation in the 246 years since its founding. It is difficult to determine if Biden’s lie-based projections aimed at Americans is Joe lying as he has done for decades, or a product of his dementia. A dementia evident during the 2020 primaries.

In any event, his lies and hatred are magnified daily by a complicit news media and elite gadflies who rejoice in their contempt for America and Americans. The View is a coven of females who stir a cauldron of socialism, racism, and hatred for America and Americans while luxuriating in self-righteousness and Trump Derangement Syndrome. Yesterday (3 November), one discussion centered on the shift of white, suburban women from Marxist Blue to American Red. Sunny Hostin, that Political Prophetess and Oracle of Entomology, provided condescending commentary upon that shift by saying, “It is like cockroaches voting for Raid.”

Like the orations of the Bidens, Obamas, and Clintons, Hostin’s remarks are intentionally vicious, condescending, disrespectful, and hurtful. This has nothing to do with politics, rather it is a special kind of hatred for America and Americans. It is the hatred of Marxist elites that began with Woodrow Wilson, and which has grown in the fertile soil of the Democrat Party. This special kind of hatred is shared by those who voted for Biden and those who continue to support his Socialist/Marxist regime. According to the polls, only about 30% of the country still supports the Biden Regime. Regrettably, that 30% has grown like a cancer in government, big business, academia, and the judiciary. However,


It would be wonderful if we could connect with the late, great Rush Limbaugh and hear his wisdom in these trying times. I believe Rush would agree with me that the Socialist/Marxists committed a grave, perhaps fatal, error when they decided to directly attack American mothers as they defended their children against rising inflation, crime, and NEA advocated pedophilia. (A special kind of hatred leads to a special kind of stupid.)

I believe Rush would say that the Biden Regime has made a valiant attempt to destroy America, but the lockdown, anti-Constitutional Amendment mentality gave them a false sense of security in dominatrix-style tactics. The Socialist/Marxist Party, in their haste to create a totalitarian state, failed to encourage and coerce those they wish to control to follow along. Instead, they verbally assaulted them. Like the wraiths released from the Arc of the Covenant by the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Arc, the beautiful Socialist/Marxist Sirens turned into hideous specters intent upon destroying those that released them.

And Rush would likely say that the imminent demise of the Socialist/Marxist Party has been heralded by the senescent, prevaricating excuses for political leadership – the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, – sent out to save pull the Democrat fat from the fire.


4 November 2022

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